72IG Implementation Training Program Review: 26 Things About 72ig Program

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Probably you’ve heard of the new version of the 72 Hour Income Generator Program called “The New 72IG Implementation Training Program”, and you may be wondering what’s the catch or the difference with the 72ig income program.

In just a minute from now, you will know everything you need to know about it, and if you had already paid for the 72 Hr Income Generator Program you’ll get the update as well.

**Grab My Students N490K/mo 72IG Affiliate Marketing System for 7-Figures**

Can you believe that a soldier already made money with the 72ig Affiliate Marketing system?

Even my girlfriend laughed when I told her I would make money recommending products people need using the 72ig Affiliate Marketing system but stopped laughing when she saw my Expertnaire income with Affiliate Marketing pressing the same phone. Here is how it started.


Here is everything about the income program.

(1). The Truth About the New 72ig Program

Since I paid for the new 72ig income Program, I have spent more than 19 hours reviewing all the free and premium training materials for the popular Expertnaire course known as 72IG Implementation Training Program (72ig Program)

If you want to know:

  • How 72ig Program compares to other affiliate marketing courses,
  • Who is behind the 72ig Training Program (hint: I’ve been invited by the course creator for an exclusive affiliate class).
  • How to get a N10,000 discount for 72ig Program.
  • What are the common criticisms of the program?
  • If the whole thing is legit or a scam.

Then you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s get started.

72IG Implementation Program – Key Points

About: A super impressive affiliate marketing course that teaches you how to sell digital products, generate traffic, and earn passive income.

Price: You may be unlucky to get at N50,000, but N40,000 with a discount as found on this page.

Pros: Created by a respected internet and direct response marketing expert with proven results. Concise, step-by-step training. Regularly updated with more than enough angles to copy, edit, and ready-to-use templates.

Cons: It might take several months to start earning decent money from the 72ig Training Program most especially if you’re a “zero degree Celsius” beginner in online marketing.

Verdict: The best affiliate marketing training I’ve seen in Nigeria and from a Nigerian with proven results. Highly recommended.

Overall Rating: 4.86 | Get the N10,000 discount


Have you ever wondered why videos and blog posts on how to make money online are hot? In case you don’t know, it is because the 3 most important things in a man’s life are “Wealthy, Health and Relationship”.

Take nothing away from it, without the first, making money, the later 2 would suffer and if you’re in Nigeria reading this review now, I don’t need to call Mama Felicia to tell you about the economy.

It’s funny that as rich as Nigeria is, terms such as “Economic meltdown and recessions” are still the order of the day.

And even funnier, the government will always have someone to blame for it.

affiliate marketing with expertnaire

This time they are blaming the innocent Covid 19.

Even worse, some Nigerians do not even believe that it is real because of the way the government handled and is handling it.

You might ask, but what has the 72ig program got to do with the story above.

The thing is, I first heard in 2017 that there was a recession in 2016. What? There was a recession in 2016 and I never knew nor felt it?

In the same way some persons say that there is no money yet thousands of others are packing into new apartments, building sweet houses, marrying, travelling around the world, and doing all sorts of things.

And don’t even take my words for it, I mean, just yesterday, God blasted open my horizon and I earned my first affiliate commission amounting to N220,000+ in a single day.

The truth is, this time last year I was nowhere near what I just earned in a day a whole year.

See, I won’t tell you that the 72IG Implementation Training Program is a plug and play program. CATCH YOU 🙄 . 

Perhaps you were expecting such because lots of Nigerians love quick rich schemes that will always burn their intestines at the end of the day.

Here is my subtle review of the 72IG Implementation Program.

There is no way you will enroll in this program, forget about every other make money online programs, focus on it ONLY that you won’t make at least N150,000 in the next 6 months (even if you are a TOTAL, I mean, Zero beginner).

Of course, you can use the WhatsApp method and makeup to N40,000 or more, but I mean being satisfied that you are really into an online business.

This is the end of this review.

If you are willing to take this program by the horn, put it into action and make money, then you are ready.


(2). Getting Started with the 72IG Implementation Training Program

You don’t need to take my words for it, see a few income proofs from Nigerians like you.

pAYMENT & EARNINGS ON expertnaire review

 And here’s another income proof.

pAYMENT & EARNINGS ON expertnaire review

And the last before we proceed.

72IG Implementation Training Program income

(3). About the 72IG of Expertnaire

The 72ig program is a training program by Toyin Omotoso hosted on the Expertnaire affiliate platform that trains you on how to make at least N750,000 per month recommending valuable digital products to those in need of them.

Toyin was trained alongside the likes of Akin Alabi, Ronald Nzimora, Patrick Ogidi, Fisayo Akinlolu, and more by Dr. Sunny Obazu-Ojeagbase, Toyin has made his mark as a successful internet marketer from Nigeria. 


(4). How is 72IG Implementation Program Different?

72IG Implementation Program stands apart from others who teach affiliate marketing in five ways: he’s done and is still doing what he teaches; he is well known and respected by other internet marketers; he excels even more in direct response and branding; Toyin is a student of success mastering his craft in copies that sell.

Even though I don’t like to review a product or program unless I have used it, having used the 72ig program as well, here are five things that I believe separates Toyin’s from most other folks who teach affiliate marketing.


1.  Toyin has done and is still doing what he teaches

Toyin has shown how he implements what he teaches to get results.

In one of the training modules, you will see the one that netted him N2M, 6M+, and more.

Even more, he has documented all these templates for you to use when you get started.

The thing is, I hate to use the word “copy and paste or done for you system, but fortunately, that is what Toyin has done for the 72ig students.

Don’t just take my words for it, here is a pic view of it.

expertnaire website

It’s just the genesis, let’s go on.


2.  Toyin is well known and respected by other internet marketers

You will find big names in the internet marketing industry in Nigeria praising and recommending Toyin.

Alternatively, you can follow him on Facebook and Twitter to get some of his IM sense.


3.  He excels even more in direct response and branding

If you’ve been his follower, you would have heard of his email newsletters called “lettersfromToyinOmotoso”.

While he continually builds his brand the thing is you might need hundreds of thousands of Naira to work with Toyin as a consultant.


4.  Toyin is a student of success mastering his craft in copies that sell.

It was from Toyin that I knew that success is not a straight-line thing.

I mean, you can be excited that in 2021 you will achieve 20 goals before January 30th but to your surprise, you may not achieve even 4 if care is not taken.

With strategies to succeed, Toyin has hedges and makes money using copies that sell on the internet via email marketing, books, and content. 


(5). How to Join 72ig Affiliate Marketing

When you join Expertnaire via the 72ig program, you automatically join the 72ig Affiliate Marketing program, meaning that if you sell the same product you get 50% commission per sale while ordinary affiliates get just 30%.


(6). How to Access 72ig Implementation Program login

Immediately you make a payment for the 72ig program, you will get your 72ig Implementation Program Login details where you will be able to access the training program.  


(7). Who is the 72ig Implementation program for?

The 72ig Implementation program is intended for “online marketing newbies,” people who have tried and failed to earn at least N200,000+ per month selling digital products they do not have to create or own.

Here’s how Toyin puts it on the sales page for the course:

“If You Lock Me In a Hut For 7 Days, And All I Have Is a laptop, internet and ATM card…

This is Exactly What I Will Do To Start Making At Least N750K a Month…Even If The Economy Went To The Dogs.”


(8). Who is the 72ig Implementation program NOT for?

I would advise the following types of people to steer clear of the 72ig Implementation program: anyone expecting to “get rich quick”; people short on time; anyone expecting every little step to be detailed for them, and the impatient.

With a conditional money back policy, it is so LEGIT that this program is not for lovers of MMM and other forms of Ponzi or money doubling schemes.  

Having gone through the course materials (personally), I’d say this is a fair assessment of the type of people who would NOT benefit from the 72ig Implementation program:

  • Anyone expecting to “get rich quick”

Toyin Omotoso doesn’t state that students will make N900,000 overnight using the 72ig program most especially if such a student is a TOTAL beginner

You will need to take action as guided to see profits.

(9). How does 72ig Implementation program work?

In a layman’s explanation, the programs shows you the exact strategies you need to make money online. First, you will start with WhatsApp, from there you scale.

When you JOIN the program via the link on this page, get added to the exclusive support group, you will see how you too can make money on Expertnaire WITHOUT running ads using the 72ig method.

Technically – The 72ig Implementation program & Toyin shows you how he did it and also how to use traffic to promote digital products to those in need of them.

In addition to that, you get email swipes and hot selling copies that help your audiences open their pockets to buy what you promote.

I don’t want to mess around by giving you a free copy of the swipes – intellectual property policy – else, you would have seen how it works.

But be rest assured that you have many of them to use. That is Facebook & presale copies, email copies and closing of sales copies.


In essence, the 72ig Implementation course has 4 steps.

Step 1. Choose a digital product (access them for free from Expertnaire.com)

Step 2. Apply the strategies you will get.

Step 3. Make sales.

Step 4. Get your commissions sent to your bank account.


Here is why the 72ig Implementation Training is so awesome.


Step 1. You have over 40 affiliate products to choose from Expertnaire and promote.

This guarantees that you don’t need to look for digital products from somewhere else.

With your free access to Expertnaire, you get hot selling products to use on the go.


Step 2. Just send people to the products page

Use the strategies outlined and send the right people to the right product page.


Step 3. Make sales.

At the point of making sales is where you get notification of successfully selling an Expertnaire product.  

selling Expertnaire products


The 72ig Implementation training has a members-only Facebook group, where you can ask questions and get feedback from Toyin, Admins, and other 72ig students.

The group looks like this:

72ig Implementation Training Facebook

You will need your 72IG Order ID to get access. Alternatively, you need to give your email address you used for the payment.

72ig Implementation Training Facebook

(11). How much does 72ig Implementation Training? Cost?

The 72ig Implementation Training regular price is listed as N50,000 but use this link and you’ll save N10,000. 


At this point, you’re probably wondering if there’s a discount available for the 72ig Implementation Training.

Yes, there is a significant discount offered to give you N40,000 off the regular price.

While you will see N50,000 on the webinar page which pretty much gives you an overview of 72ig Implementation Training’s system and will give you a feel for the quality of their training.

To get the discount WITHOUT sitting through the whole webinar, click the button below.


Let’s continue.


(12). 72ig Implementation Training Refund Policy

72ig program is somewhat unique in this space by offering 90 Days Conditional Money Back Guarantee. Here is why it is conditional.

Amongst the members, I have seen someone who joined quickly asking for a refund because she thought it was an MMM-business method where they double money in less time.

To avoid this, I clearly stated who the 72ig program is and not for, that way if you join and bent to asking a refund, to get it you will have to follow the due process which is stated below by Toyin on the 72ig sales page.

But in order to ask for a refund, you will need to show me proofs that you actually implemented the system.

This means you will need to show me your Facebook or Instagram ads, your optin page, your thank you page and your follow-ups emails.

Once I see the proofs that you actually implemented this, I will gladly send your full registration fee to your bank account.

If you’re a beginner, note that everything you are asked to show here is taught by Toyin. It’s pretty much what you see expert internet marketers do and use for selling affiliate programs.


(13). 72IG program Templates Galore

We are almost done and I would like to say that the most impressive part of 72IG Implementation Program is that it actually lives up to the name, particularly the last part – implement the steps after seeing how Toyin does it and implement and make money as well.

Perhaps the best example of this is the resource library you get access to when you sign up for 72ig.

expertnaire affiliate system

Each of the days is packed with a step-by-step system that either shows you how to do it, it was done, or templates you can copy and use.

See the resources for Day 3 going to Day 4.

72ig program


Again, here is Day 9 class with its resources + links to zoom classes.

72 hour income generator review


All I can say is that Toyin didn’t create a premium course that is shitty.

If you are ready to make money online selling digital products you don’t have to create or own then the 72ig program is the best one for you.

For instance here is another do-it-for-you template from top internet marketers in Nigeria.

  • 30-Day Challenge by Onome
  • IBM By Jonathan Melody
  • EDM by Patrick Ogidi
  • 10X by Jonathan Melody

bit ly 72hr income

We are almost done but first I wanted to clear all doubts you had about this income program.

I am not mistaken to say that the 72ig program is the best affiliate marketing course in Nigeria I have seen – and that is irrespective if you join or not (I still have to tell you the truth).

I won’t even go into the fact that other students have used 72IG to promote their offline businesses (that’s a story for another day).


(14). No Bullshit with Toyin’s Course

The internet marketing world is full of hype men who overpromise and under deliver. 72IG Implementation Program is quite the opposite.

I really appreciate how Toyin sets realistic expectations for students of 72ig.

Toyin will tell you straight that failure is a possibility if you expect to DO NOTHING yet expect EVERYTHING.

Even though a lot of students have used the knowledge in 72IG to find jobs and gigs for clients from other angles, let’s face it, they never did that doing nothing yet expecting something in return, right?


(15). No fluff with 72IG Implementation Program

A non-fluffy factor is that after you pay for the 72IG program, you wait for your affiliate account to be created, you’re not asked to pay another money to access anything.

Everything, as it was, is OPEN to all students.

Even more, Toyin will be spending his time to send you additional and valuable resources to make sure that there is no how you use the traffic system in the course and send 500-1,000 people to any products you’re promoting you won’t make at least 2 sales which pretty much covers your enrollment fee in the 72ig program if you’re using the discount link here to get N10,000 off.


(16). Text + Video Lessons

I love the fact that Toyin has made it in such a way that all his lessons are in video format while the resources to implement what he teaches come in different versions, docs, Zips, PDFs, and more.

Each lesson inside 72ig consists of text and video plus assignments on what to do and what next.

The videos range from 2 to 30 minutes in length – some lessons have more than one video and hours.


(17). Regular Updates

It’s no more news that the 72IG Implementation Training Program is a constantly evolving course, with improvements being made to the material on a regular basis.

The first version of the 72IG was released in 2018 called 72 hour income generator and the course has been updated many times since.

For instance, in December, Toyin will update the 72ig course so you can get what is currently working and other discoveries from him.

I do believe that Toyin wants you to succeed in this. Because let’s face it, a teacher is happy when the students come back with a positive result, right?


(18). CRITICISM OF the 72IG program

While I don’t consider the following criticisms to be a deal-breaker by any means, my goal with every review is to be fair and balanced, highlighting both pros and cons which is why I have to say nothing but the truth so that IF YOU END up with this program you won’t be surprised or lose trust with my reviews.


(19). You will spend money on other things

Just as I already stated above, the 72IG is just a training that shows you what to do.

Meaning, when you want to implement the program you will have to spend money to get it done.

Why is it important that I state it out?

It is because I once saw a student complain that Toyin never told her that she will pay for hosting to build a landing page.

See, as far as internet marketing is concerned, be it in Nigeria or abroad, all marketers spend money for the tools they need to promote products on Clickbank, Amazon, Commission Junction, and tens of other affiliate marketplaces they work with.


(20). Your account Creation might be delayed

Since you won’t need it as a beginner, while you wait for your affiliate account to be created in minutes or hours, go ahead and access the video lessons. No time to waste. 😎 


(21). Paying for Premium Tools

While you make money initially without spending anything, when you are ready to scale, you will need to spend money on some tools like a web hosting which you can get as low as N500/mo and a domain name at N1500 or more.
Some selected tools are given in the program as well.


(22). You won’t make N750,000 starting out

Even if a new affiliate joined Expertnaire via the 72ig and made N1M in less than 1 month, I won’t use that as a yardstick to tell you that you will make such an amount as a beginner. Why?

I am not sure as a beginner you can do that. But if you say, N100,000-N300,000 in your first month then it is realistic. 

However, N750K is possible. Why? People have done it, so, no reason not to do it as well if you are willing to do more than the N100K-N300K people.


POPULAR QUESTION & Worries, I can’t run ads nor do I have the money for it. 

People ask me, when I join Expertnaire via the 72ig program, will I start running ads right away before I make money since I might not have the funds to run ads.

Truth is, even if you will be shown how to successfully run ads, I never started with ads.

If you are like me, start with the 2-5 sales Blueprint and make sales first and take a deep breath that YES, this is working and not a Ponzi scheme. From there, you reinvest the money in ads.

Please, note, Ads running is for scaling the business, I mean, attracting more eyes (traffic) to the Expertnaire products you are promoting.

So, when you get started, you don’t need to worry about Ads or money for ads yet. Use the 2-5 blueprint and make at least N100K from there you invest in ads.

Alternatively, continue with the strategies and make up to or more than N500,000. Still doubting? 😕 

Don’t think about it because Kenny or Sola have made N1Mil with this same winning strategy + their Mobile phones. Myself, I have closed lots of sales with the same route.

So, if it has worked for me and others, I don’t see why SAPA shouldn’t let you go. You have to beat SAPA (being broke) by all means. 💪


Conclusion on 72IG Affiliate System

We’ve come a long way with more than 4,000 words, let’s close it forth.


(23). Like seriously, are students getting results?

Yes, a significant number of students appear to be getting good results by following the 72IG implementation training.

Apart from the testimonial you see on the video sales page, there are other students making N100,000-N400,000 a month.

On the brighter side, a new affiliate that joined went on to over N1 million in his first month, and withing 8 months made N7,000,000 plus.


(24). Who should take this course?

The 72IG Implementation Program is intended for “online marketing newbies,” people who have tried and failed to earn at least N400,000 per month in affiliate marketing – selling hot digital products they do not have to create or own.


(25). Interested in The 72IG Implementation Program?

If so, I highly recommend you go watch the free webinar Toyin put together.

It gives a solid overview of their entire system.

And if you’ve already decided to sign up for 72IG, do yourself a favor and buy it with a big discount…


(26). Your 72IG Implementation Program review

That is it here. As far as making money with Expertnaire and affiliate marketing is concerned. All the strategies you need are in the 72ig program.


Click Here To Get The N10,000 Discount


See you and success. Click here to contact me for your resources.

The New 72IG Implementation Training Program Video Review

I unboxed the income program so you can see what it is. See below.


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