EcomHunt Review 2022 – Winning Product Tool [Is It Worth It]?

Looking for the complete unbiased Ecomhunt Review? Don’t worry, I’ve got just the right content for you!

I bet you hear this often! You can start a dropshipping business with zero cost investment.

But what you don’t often hear is that the profit doesn’t always come flying.

You need to invest in social media marketing, do lots of e-commerce SEO and after that you still not guarantee that your chosen product is actually going to sell fast!

I’ve seen several people start a dropshipping business and quickly give up along the way!

Why? Because instead of making the profit they ended up paying countless recurring fees at the end of the month.

Well, you wouldn’t blame them, would you? Its simply business, you either win or lose.

Actually, did you know In 2017 alone, 23% of All Online Sales were fulfilled through the dropshipping model, which is equal to roughly $85 Billion Dollars Per Year…

I often say this, dropshipping is a serious online business that could really make you some extra cash. But you need a detailed plan to actually make a dime.

You see, gone are the days while it takes months to actually make a decent profit while doing a dropshipping business.

Now, with the advent of fast selling product-searching tools, you can actually start making your money back in the first week of starting your dropshipping business.

The good news is, this searching tools for winning products cost little or nothing to afford.

While the bad news is… more and more are popping up every day, so making it difficult to choose the right tool from the wrong one.

As a result of this, I’ve decided to handpick a few I actually used and reviewed it.

Hence the EcomHunt review!

ecomhunt review
Ecomhunt Review

Ecomhunt Review: Tool Overview

Ecomhunt is a winning product tool that helps with the curation of winning products for any eCommerce business owner willing to sell hot products online.

Basically, each product is specially handpicked by e-commerce experts by making sure it’s new and has high social media engagement with hot sales on other top eCommerce stores.

However, these products update are based on the product quality available on the market and rather not product quantity.

I believe focusing on product quality will help reduced bad products and invariably increase product conversion rate as a result of the availability of top-selling products.

How does EcomHunt Works?

ecomhunt daily winning products
Ecomhunt Review: User’s Dashboard

Simply put, EcomHunt saves you the stress for searching for hot and fast selling products online. Instead, you can focus on other things that matter for your e-commerce business.

EcomHunt updates several products on a daily basis for its users and which of course are specially handpicked by experts. The products updated  include the following data:

  • Profit
  • Analytics
  • Engagement
  • Links
  • Facebook Ads
  • Product Video
  • Facebook targeting etc.

While having access to the winning products, users can virtually sell the product on any e-commerce platform such as Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay, and Amazon etc.

EcomHunt gives its users access to new selling and winning products on a daily basis.

Another interesting thing about Ecomhunt is, once you have links to stores selling these winning products already, you can also from there have access to other trending products or their best selling products that you can add to your online store.

With this, you are simply getting more than the intended value.

The best part about EcomHunt is that they also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for their service.

With this, you can rest assured that if your expectations are not met within the 30 days you can simply get your refund.

What’s Included In Ecomhunt Winning Products

Winning product
Ecomhunt Review: Winning Product

Below is the breakdown of everything you gain access to with every winning product provided on Ecomhunt:

This is the actual product name and the SEO title of the product. That is, what people will search for while looking for the product.

With the well-written product title, your products will have the chance of ranking higher for the product keyword on search engine and invariably boost your traffic and conversion

All product image provided alongside the products on Ecomhunt are clean high-quality images that can be downloaded and re-use on your own eCommerce store.

Ecomhunt also provides a well-written product description that’s optimized for search engine. However, copying the product description might be a bad idea since everybody else has access to it.

You could instead use it as an inspiration to write better product description on your dropshipping store for your products.

The Oberlo button allows you to automatically push the product directly to your Shopify store without having to do anything manually.

This is particularly good for store owners using the Shopify platform, as this is going to save a lot of time and resources.

This button allows users to save any product they like on Ecomhunt to their favourite and come back to check them later.

  • Ecomhunt Expert Consultant (Jack Kaching)

Jack Kaching is also always available on Facebook messenger as your one on one product consultant on any question you would like to ask.

This is one of the features that made Ecomhunt standout as you won’t see something like this on other winning product tools.

  • Product Saturation Inspector

product saturation inspector
Ecomhunt Review: Product Saturation Inspector

The saturation inspector lets you know how viral the product has gone among other sellers selling the products.

It shows the total numbers of stores selling the product already. The higher the number the more saturated the product is and vice versa.

ecomhunt profit and cost indicator

The profit and Cost indicator also lets you know what the product is going to cost from the supplier and the potential profits to be made on the product.

ecomhunt product analytic

The product analytic is generated from the supplier website on AliExpress and it includes all data about the products. (More on this later…)

  • Product Engagement on Social Media

The product engagement includes all social media reaction to the product. This includes the total likes, shares, comments etc.

Links to suppliers are the links that lead you to the actual product from the supplier. This feature is however limited to the paid users only.

This is another paid feature of Ecomhunt and this is specifically good for those with little to no experience with Facebook ads. (More on it later…)

Selected instagram influencers
Ecomhunt Review: Instagram Influencers

These are potential Instagram influencers that you can use to promote your dropshipping product at a more affordable price compared to Facebook ads.

This is usually good for those just starting out with dropshipping and doesn’t really want to spend more marketing.

Using Instagram influencer definitely saves money and usually converts much faster when you do your influencer niche research well.

  • Real Buyer Reviews From AliExpress

This includes previous reviews of real buyers on AliExpress which can be used to access the product or also use as a review on your own eCommerce store.

EcomHunt Membership Plan & Pricing

ecomhunt pricing plan
Ecomhunt Review: Pricing Plan

The EcomHunt pricing plan comes with two membership plan which is the free and Pro plan.

Ecomhunt Free Membership Plan

The free membership plan gives you access to 2 products on a daily basis but with very limited data. Other daily updated products will be released to the free members after the third day.

With the free plan, you won’t be able to gain access to the following:

  • Targeting
  • Ads
  • Product Links
  • Stores already selling the products
  • Engagements
  • etc.

For full access, free members will have to upgrade if they want access to the full product data being released on a daily basis.

Ecomhunt Pro Membership Plan

However, the Pro membership plan on the other hands gives you access to all there is about EcomHunt. You’ll get access to full product data like links to stores already selling the products, ads video, targeting, Facebook ads etc.

But it going to cost you $29/month but presently you can get it for $20/month which of course is going be limited very soon.

EcomHunt Pricing Discount

ecomhunt pricing discount
Ecomhunt Review: Discount Pricing

The Ecomhunt pricing discount allows users to enjoy a 41% annual discount if they opt-in for the annual subscription plan of $17 per month instead of the usual $20 per month.

And of course, the free plan is forever free! So user can sigh-up with the free plan and upgrade whenever they want to.

An additional cool feature you will have access to as a member or user is the Ad Hunter extension which will be explained subsequently.

Try EcomHunt

EcomHunt Review – The Key Features

This is probably the selling factor of EcomHunt, as it features make it a point of attraction for every drop shippers trying to make some fast cash easily.

Knowing the winning products itself is just the beginning but being able to know how to sell it fast is the real deal.

Thanks to EcomHunt, with their product data you can start selling these products almost immediately.

Below are the key features and products data EcomHunt offers it members. They include:

Selling/Trending Products

trending product
Ecomhunt Review: Trending Products

With EcomHunt you can be rest assure that you are getting access to trending products. In their words (EcomHunt), “they are a curation of the best new products, every day”.

Trust me, the hardest part is finding the products that people actually want’s to buy, and this part is already done by EcomHunt.

Being a pro member you will access to the winning products and not just that, how you can easily sell them through Facebook marketing.

Using the data that comes with the products, you will be able to set up a Facebook ads campaign that targets the actual audience that wants to buy the products.

What could be easier than this? That’s why EcomHunt is one of the top notches.

Product Profits & Analytics

This feature allows you to know the actual price you will be getting the product from AliExpress and as well as the potential profit of the products.

 product profits, analytics and engagement indicator
Ecomhunt Product Analytic Indicator

With features like this, you will be able to plan how much you are ready to spend on ads and the potential returns before you add the product to your online store.

Additionally, you will know how well the product is doing on social media. In the sense that you will have access to the total numbers of shares the product is having and as well as total comments and likes.

Knowing the total engagement a product is having already will let you know how viral the product as gone or how far it’s going to go.

Lastly, you will also be provided analytics from where the product came from (AliExpress). I particularly like this aspect as it lets me know how good and genuine the product is before dropshipping it.

It will clearly state the numbers of orders, ratings, reviews, and the total votes the products are having. With this, you should know if the product is adding values to the actual buyers.

Facebook Ads & Targeting

This feature gives you access to Facebook ads that are already running. Meanwhile, you also be giving a free product video you can either display on your store or use to run an advertisement for your product.

facebook ad targeting
Ecomhunt Review: Facebook Targeting Feature

This part is particularly good if you don’t have a prior idea of how to advertise your product. Using the existing ad titles and information will prove to be a good start for you.

About the Facebook targeting, it’s more like a done for you research tool. Being a pro member you will have access to Facebook specified targeting.

If you have some experience with Facebook ads yourself this is more like a plus bonus and you could simply modify it to convert even more.

Having no clue about Facebook ads? Then go with the targeting done for you, but I’ll advise you do some Facebook insight on the product yourself, with this you’ll be more enlightening on how to run a specified Facebook ad targeting for any of your future products.

If you are the lazy type just like me, then I think you will find EcomHunt a very interesting tool.

Links to Supplier’s & Existing Selling Stores

This feature makes drop shipping so easy that you can scale it up to any extent.

Like I said earlier using the free membership plan is going to limit your benefits from EcomHunt as all the good features are available for the pro members.

This one is exclusive to pro members, with this, you will be giving links to the actual supplier of the product on AliExpress.

While from there you can easily import the product either using Alidropship Plugin for WordPress or WooCommerce or simply use Oberlo if you are on Shopify platform already.

Additionally, you will be giving links to stores already selling these products and with this, you will have access to additional winning products you find on the stores.

To do this, simply browse through their top-selling products and you will have access to other winning products.

This is actually killing two birds with one stone.

AdHunter Tool

The AdHunter tool is a very interesting tool that allows you to monitor your competitor’s ads on Facebook.

ecomhunt adhunter chrome extension
Ecomhunt Review: Adhunter Chrome Extension

It actually the first chrome extension of this kind. The app will give you the power to hunt down any sponsored ad on Facebook and also allow you to see the performance of the Facebook ad.

You will be able to see the Facebook ad engagements like traffic amount, targeting country, how long the ads have been running and few other useful data.

Best part? The app is absolutely free for both free members and Pro members. This means you need to be a member to have access to the app. You can create your account here.

Webinar & Tutorials for Newbies

Another feature that makes EcomHunt stand out is their free webinars and tutorials they offer their members.

Most people trying to engage with EcomHunt are probably newbies interested in drop shipping because of the potentials it offers.

As a result of this many will make more mistake along the line and to avoid this as much as possible EcomHunt provides tutorials and free webinar to get you rooted in the dropshipping business.

The downside to this is that most of the webinar and tutorials are only available to the Pro members. Your access to this will be limited to a free member.

However, these webinars are totally worth it, and as a beginner, you might want to avoid wasting time and mistake along the way by getting access to EcomHunt webinar and Tutorials.

EcomHunt Facebook Community

Ecomhunt also has a large Facebook community where like-minded members can rub heads together and share common ideas.

The Facebook group link is automatically sent to all users email address after signing for Ecomhunt. Or simply search for Ecomhunt Official on Facebook to gain access to the Facebook group.

They also provide support via the Facebook group and users with any similar issues can help out since it’s a community.

Try EcomHunt

EcomHunt Review Pros & Cons

Like every other product out there comes with their good and less favoured sides, EcomHunt has its own Pros and Cons.


  • Facebook ad insight: EcomHunt gives it members Facebook targeting and insight about their daily selling products. With this, you will know the country to target, gender, age etc. They are literally doing all the hard work for their members
  • Hot Products: one thing you can ever be sure of with EcomHunt is having access to selling products. The good part is you’ll know these hot products before they go viral.
  • Niche Products: I thought EcomHunt only finds popular and competitive products, but little did I know that you could also find your hot selling niche products. They are varieties of niche, so all you need to do is browse through and find the appealing product for your store.
  • Facebook AdHunter: this chrome extension is a big deal yet they make it a free tool to their members. With this tool, you can spy on your competitor’s ads on Facebook and modify the ads to even sell better.



  • Free Membership: the free membership plan is too limited. All the cool features allowed are available for the Pro members
  • Limited Products: The daily products could actually be increased.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Ecomhunt cost?

Ecomhunt pricing plans is very flexible. They offer a free plan with limited features and a paid plan of $29 per month. However, with the on-going 30% discount new members can gain access for $20 monthly fee.

Does Ecomhunt Have a Refund Policy?

Yes! Ecomhunt has a 30-day money-back guarantee for every new user. If by chance you want to get your full refund within the 30 days of joining the platform, you’ll be eligible to get your full refund. TOS applied.

What Payment Method is accepted on Ecomhunt?

Currently, PayPal is the only accepted payment method on Ecomhunt, this means potential users can only make payment via PayPal.

Ecomhunt Alternatives & Competitors

I do have to be honest with you here; there are tons of EcomHunt alternatives out there in the market with some of them having a very nice feature.

But what matters here, at least to me is having a tool that provides value at a very affordable price and most of all with a higher ROI on every penny spent.

Let’s have a look at some of the alternatives below:

#1: Ecomhunt vs Dropship Spy

ecomhunt vs dropship spy
Ecomhunt vs Dropship Spy

Dropship Spy is another top winning product tool in the market when it comes to sourcing for the right product to sell.

They also provide their users with unique features such as:

  • Facebook Audience Builder
  • Amazon Review Downloader

But when it comes to the pricing plan, Ecomhunt seems to be on the fair side compared to what Dropship Spy is charging on a monthly basis.

#2: Ecomhunt vs NicheScraper

niche scraper vs ecomhunt
Ecomhunt vs NicheScraper

NicheScraper is another dropshipping product research tool that basically hunts winning products for both experienced and inexperienced merchants.

The basic service provided by NicheScraper revolves around three features:

  • Store Analysis
  • Winning Products
  • Video Ad Maker

With NicheScraper you can mix product pictures together to create a video ad for your product. And this is a feature that happens not to be available on Ecomhunt.

However, Ecomhunt still comes as an affordable tool when it comes to pricing compared with NicheScraper.

#3: Ecomhunt vs AliShark

alishark vs ecomhunt
Ecomhunt vs AliShark

AliShark, just like the rest of the winning product tool has a focus on AliExpress winning products. It gives you access to product info like:

  • Product with ePacket shipping option
  • Price of the product
  • Product Reviews
  • Total amount of orders
  • Top selling countries
  • Top dropshippers that are making money off this product
  • Sales history over the last 2-6 months
  • Shopify stores and other online stores that are selling the product

Unlike the rest, AliShark doesn’t have a free plan but come with a $1 two days trial to test the platform if it’s working using.

EcomHunt Review Conclusion

The EcomHunt searching tool for winning products is actually good for every drop shippers just starting out.

As this provides a means to make quick cash through Facebook marketing by the products data provided already by EcomHunt.

Using the tool is very promising, you don’t have to worry if you are a newbie they equally provide webinars and tutorials for members and the knowledge you’ll be getting alone from this could keep you going if eventually, you stop using the tool.

Am not saying EcomHunt is 100% but the membership fee you will be paying is far less compare to the profits you’ll be making. So I think it’s a win-win situation.

Try EcomHunt

What are your thoughts on this Ecomhunt review? Already using the tool or you will like to share your experience? Or perhaps you’re having a question you’ll like to ask please use the comment box

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