Grab My Students N490K/mo 72IG Affiliate Marketing System for 7-Figures

My Friend Laughed When I Told Her I Was Making Money PRESSING MY PHONE USING WHATSAPP

My girlfriend laughed when I told her I would make money recommending products people need using the 72ig Affiliate Marketing system but stopped laughing when she saw my Expertnaire income with Affiliate Marketing pressing the same phone.

Do you see this Pressing Phone + Expertnaire 72ig Affiliate Marketing combo of a thing? Forget it. It is a money generator to whosoever is ready. Here is how it started.

Sometimes back in 2020, I made an astounding discovery about a profitable business that many Nigerians are not fully aware of.

The discovery came as I was browsing through my Girlfriend’s WhatsApp Status since she loves a lot of funny videos after a stressful joined 8-hour class as a Law Student.

So, this particular weekend, I noticed that a particular course mate (a young girl) was posting a lot of screenshots on the WhatsApp Wall.


In fact, before the weekend on Sunday, since she was still around at my house to complete her assignment since I live in a 20hr/day Nepa light area, I noticed that she posted different screenshots 12 times because I counted them.

From my little calculation, I saw she made N112,500 from Friday to Sunday while pressing her phone.

I was wondering why the N500 is on top.

Because I failed Basic Math in school, I had to use my mom’s Esusu business calculator to add all the figures.

While it was correct, I was still confused, not until I discovered that’s the commission fractions, she was getting from the business.

For someone to press her phone using WhatsApp to make N112,500 from Friday to Sunday that tells you that the business is working, most especially since she was still a Full-time Law Student.

Again, for her to be posting different screenshots with her name on it means she is making a lot of money.


What she was doing was recommending “a digital product on how to successfully win mooting competition as a law student Blueprint” to her course mates using her WhatsApp wall.

But don’t be deceived.

The “digital product on how to successfully win mooting competition” is not the MAIN business.

Let me explain.


The company selling this digital product paid her N7,500 per student she introduced the Mooting Blueprint to sold at N15,000.

Without spending a dime on paid advertising, she was selling 11-17 copies every week. That means she was pocketing N112,500 pure profits pressing her phone each week!

Crazy. Right?


I call this business model – smart 72ig Affiliate Marketing system and can be highly profitable.


I wanted to know more. So, I learned a lot about the business model.

The first digital product I promoted from the same company to test out the model was a relocation to Canada product since thousands of Nigerians are rallying to relocate to Canada from Nigeria.

Because I wanted to try this out with strangers first (people whose contacts were not saved to see my WhatsApp wall/status), I created a WhatsApp group and named it “Canadian Relocation from African Giant”. Don’t ask me why I added “African Giant.

Well, because you’ve asked. I added the “African Giant” so that when they finally relocate to Canada, they can always remember that their country is the biggest in Africa. Lol.

So, unlike the product she recommended to her law course mates and got N7,500 per sale, this particular Canadian Relocation blueprint commission was N15,000.

Meaning, I only needed the first 7 persons to buy the product to make 6 figures (N105,000).


After I created the group, I went to the Nairaland forum, to the Travel section, and created a post on how to successfully relocate to Canada without an Agent.

At the end of the post, I left the WhatsApp group link I created, and after 2 days, 231 peopled joined the group.

But before I even shared the Canadian Blueprint with them, I got an email alert of 4 sales. That is N15,000 X 4 = N60,000.

I couldn’t believe my eye because I never started the class and yet I made N60,000.  Not until 1 of my 4 friends who bought the Blueprint DM me that he paid for the Canadian Relocation Blueprint I posted on my WhatsApp status, and I was like, “so Kunle, you too want to Japa to Canada”. Hmmm.

After the main class that week, 17 people ended up buying the Canadian Blueprint and I made N255,000 only and N60,000 from the first 4 purchases from my WhatsApp wall.

If you do the calculation, that is 255,000 + 60,000 = N315,000 without spending a dime on adverts – all possible with pressing my phone + WhatsApp.


Think about that.

How many businesses can you start with N60,000 and make N315,000 pure profits within 2 weeks?

But unfortunately, only a few people are aware of this business.


This business model works based on 2 things:

(1). Selecting Digital products that solve problems for people or helps them get closer to their desires mostly from Expertnaire.

(2). Selling the products using genius marketing methods for a good return I will show you without spending a dime on paid advertising.

The last digital product I recommended was on “how to score 7.5 on IELTS”. Overall, I made N214,500 in commissions within 13 days of selling it.

But before you read further, I need to warn you. This business is not for broke people.


You should have a minimum of N50,000 to get started.

But the good thing is that you can turn your capital into a lot of profits within a few weeks if you use the proven system I use.

Talking about a proven system, permit me to invite you to the same guy who taught me the proven system I use to profit from the smart Affiliate Marketing Business.  


His name is Toyin Omotoso and he is teaching a new breed of online Nigerians who make N490k a month working mostly from their phones where he will be showing you how you can start pressing your phone and using WhatsApp to sell Digital products from Expertnaire for crazy profits.

The truth is, the guy is a busy man.

I have been on his neck to do this training for more than 3-and-a-half months now.

That means if you miss out to join others today, it might be another opportunity missed for life.


So, if you will like to check this lesson out, click this link to access this life-changing training


Don’t worry, I have prepared lots of ready-made templates and software for you to use – the ones I have been using ever since  with my students.

Don’t miss out.







I gave out these Bonuses and Resources because I get asked a lot of questions from beginners about how they can also make money using the 72ig Affiliate Marketing business without spending a dime on paid advertising. They ask me because I was once like them.

Therefore, because I want your testimonials sent to me “on this same business”, here are a few of the Resources, Support and  Bonuses I have made available for you.


➡️ Grab the 11 HOT SELLING PRODUCTS on the Expertnaire Dashboard. Do not waste time on marketing decisions. Get the top-selling products I’VE already enlisted for you. [Value – Priceless]


Get a FREE EXCLUSIVE SOFTWARE that will rewrite SCRIPTS for your Status Marketing. No need to Waste time thinking of what to post on your WhatsApp Status to close sales.  [Value – N10,000]


I will BECOME YOUR CO-PRESENTER – investing my time for you to make money.

So, let’s say you want to sell “a Make Money Online Program as recommended in the top 11 and you haven’t really used it to make money and you want someone else to help you, you can invite ME to anchor the presentation while they use your link to sign up. Don’t worry, I’m fine.  [Value – N100,000]available to the first 50 Persons.


Get a FREE WhatsApp or Facebook group CLASS AUTOMATION TEMPLATE. Just copy & paste the class till the end in case you do not know what to say or teach. This helps you run the class yourself and as an Expert – [Value – N50,000]


Join my Exclusive Super Affiliate Room and ASK ME ANY QUESTIONS you have. How about enjoying free SUPPORT anytime? Yes, you get it. [Value – Priceless]


Grab your FIRST 5 WELCOME PACKAGE SALES USING WHATSAPP secrets. Get this sales Success sausage even if you hate Selling which has been a source of joy for many. [Value – N5,700]


Get a FREE RESEARCH COMPLETED TEMPLATE to overrule sales objections and strategies used to make more than N403,000 in 4 weeks 3 days – [Value – N23,000]


Discover HOW TO SELL TO STUBBORN NIGERIANS. Turn entertainment-loving Nigerians into Buyers. It’s a game you need to learn – [Value – N23,000]


Get RICH CONTENT WHATSAPP TEMPLATE SWIPES. This is your money conversion magnet to use on social media and other platforms you are on. [Value – N13,000]


Get a FREE Landing and Thank You pages design. Let’s say you want to scale this affiliate marketing online business with Facebook advertising which requires a landing page. How about I create a FREE LANDING PAGE & THANK PAGE and link them to you, all for FREE? Yeah, I will do that.  [Value – N39,000]

Want to see a sample I did? Download here for free – [Zoom in].






We are almost done…


Still doubting the Expertnaire 72ig Affiliate Marketing Implementation System?

Well, here are the top 7 reasons why Affiliate marketing is getting popular in Nigeria and why you need to get started today. 

 Number #3 and #7 will shock you…

#1. You can start the 72ig Affiliate Marketing with your Mobile Phone

Unlike a lot of other online businesses like Freelancing, Dropshipping, Copywriting, eCommerce and a lot more where you need a lot of investments and a gadget like a laptop to start, with Affiliate Marketing, you can get started today, I mean TODAY with your mobile phone (Android or iOS).

All in all, what you need is an internet-connected device and your hands to press it for money.

Even better, with proper mentoring, you are good to go with a snap of a finger.


#2. You don’t need a degree in Business Marketing

Starting an online business with Affiliate Marketing does not require being an expert or a graduate of Economics or Business management.

The thing is, if you can copy and paste the strategies to offer value to people then you are into making 7 Figures. I mean, this is what an under 20 years old boy is doing with his mobile phone. See below.

72ig training

#3. Your Affiliate Earnings can’t be predicted

With Affiliate Marketing, you can make an unpredicted amount of money any day, week, and in a month – unlike a 9-5 job you know what you’re getting and waiting in pains for years to be promoted. Here is what I mean.

With Affiliate Marketing, you can make N20,000 today, N100,000 by the next weekend, and even N340,000 at the end of the month.

So, it’s best to say that the sky is yours to beat. For instance, I made $580 in affiliate marketing for one day – that’s about N220,000 in one day.

With Expertnaire, N20,000+, N55,000+ in a day, N100,000+ a week, and more. See below.

72ig income generator earning

So, your earnings can’t really be limited in this online business. What about you?


#4. You can make even MORE MONEY like the pros.

In the Expertnaire-72ig video, I shared with us how you can make money with Affiliate marketing with your phone without money or spending a dime on paid advertising like Facebook ads, Twitter ads, WhatsApp Status ads, and lots more.

In the same way, you can also invest the money you earned from the free method on ads and make MORE money.

Even better – if you don’t like Facebook ads because you think it takes a bit of time, you can pay an influencer to post your ad and make X5 or more of the ad money invested.

Now you see why Affiliate Marketing is a super scalable online business.  

P.S: don’t worry, you have a list of the guys to post the digital product you are working with.


#5. Get paid to teach others

Let’s say you start Affiliate Marketing today and make your first N2Mil in your 5th month with Expertnaire, do you think some people will like you to learn from you? Of course, they are. Guess what?

It is another earning golden opportunity for you to grab and make passive income.  

With this knowledge, you can create a closed-WhatsApp group and teach others, create an eBook or even use free software and record your device screen for the lesson.

So, Affiliate Marketing Business is not just scalable but a super legit and long-term business for beginners and anyone willing to start today.

And let me shock you, even if you check back in the next 5 years, young people will still be making millions of Naira with Expertnaire via the 72ig program system because it is far from an MMM-type of investment business/program.


#6. You can start Affiliate Marketing on WhatsApp

Gone are the days you needed a highly technical tool to start an online business, or a Business WhatsApp account to do a lot of advanced things/customizations. Those years are far gone.

Today, with the WhatsApp App you’re presently using, you can start Affiliate Marketing Business and automate a whole lot of things if only you are WILLING because I am willing to guide you to record successes like others.


#7. Busy Moms and Part-Time Workers are Making a Killing with affiliate marketing Business

There are a lot of stay-at-home moms I know from my blogging business that are making a killing, I mean, thousands of dollars from Affiliate marketing alone.

Coming down to Nigeria, a School Teacher taking on Affiliate Marketing on a part-time basis is making a killing with it already. See his recent result.

72ig traning course (2)

What about a stay-at-home mom? One I know (Onome) is also making a killing off it. See her recent result.

72ig system result

Before we close, here is another Affiliate who has closed N1M already on Expertnaire using the 72ig affiliate marketing business system.

72ig system

And this Nigerian Soldier at 7 figures. 🙄 

72ig affiliate marketing earnings

So, if you don’t start today, then it’s your normal excuse when opportunities like this show up every year and time.

And myself?

As someone open and willing to guide you, I have made 7-figures like these millionaires already on Expertnaire, so, I am only telling you what I have done and what has worked for me.  

I am ready to shift my schedule to guide you, provide you with ready-made templates and scripts to use since I know that most of you guys are beginners like when I got started.


➡️ Ready to get started already? Click here to check out the 72ig program.







Wait! Haven’t seen the video I made for you already? Watch it below.






That’s it with the Expertnaire 72ig system.

#To your Success #Isuamfon Offiong.

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