How To Increase Transfer Limit On Access Bank App & USSD

how to increase transfer limit on access bank app

If you have been looking for detailed information on how to increase transfer limit on access bank app and USSD code, I am glad you come across this guide as it’s going to explained in details, how Access Bank Transfer limit can be increased.

This becomes necessary for every individuals when their daily transactions is above what the bank mobile app or USSD code allowed and I. Order to to make the app function to satisfaction, you will need to expand it’s limit, so that you can be able to perform your daily transactions Without any form of issue.

Ok! You’re looking for how to increase transfer limit in diamond Bank? This guide also get you covered as we all know that the diamond bank has patnered with access bank and automatically, what works for access bank user will work for diamond bank Users.

In our previous guide, I released the detailed information on how to use access bank transfer code in performing basic transactions at the comfort of anywhere you are and today, I will be giving you the detailed step by step guide on how to increase transfer limit on access diamond bank.

How To Increase Transfer Limit On Access Bank

There are different mode if transactions on access bank and the two major mode is that of the bank mobile application and the USSD code. The mobile application requires an internet connection, small amount of data and you must have a smart phone before you can be able to bank on Access Bank with this method.

The second mode if transaction on access bank is that of the USSD code banking, this is the simplest mode of transaction as it requires no internet connection nor any amount of data, it can be accessed with both smart phone and that of the features phones. You can use it anytime and anywhere you are, you can check our previous guide to know how the access bank transfer code works.

In This guide, I am going to cover the both aforementioned banking system and show you how to increase transfer limit on access bank app and on that of the USSD code banking. Without further ado, let’s dive into the detailed information oh how access bank transfer limit can be increased.

How To Increase Transfer Limit on Access Bank App

For you to implement this method to increase access bank transfer limit, you must have the latest version of the app installed on your mobile phone and as well be a registered member on the app. If you have register on the app before, kindly go to Google play store to download the official access bank app if you’re using Android. If you’re an iOS user, the app is also available on app store. The app name is “AccessMore” in both cases.

Once you download and install the app, follow the prompts to sign up and have access to your account, once you become an existing user if the app, kindly continue with the instructions below.

To increase transfer limit on access diamond mobile App, simply follow the instructions below:

  • Open your access bank mobile app and sign into your account with your ID and password.
  • On getting to the app home screen/your dashboard, check the top left corner of the app and click on the menu icon.
  • Choose self service from the options that are being displayed to you.
  • Follow the prompts and select limit maintain.
  • Edit the maximum transfer limit to your new limit and authenticate the changes by clicking on the proceed button and entering your PIN.
  • You will get a message notifying you about the changes and boom! You have increased your access bank transfer limit without stress.

Note that the maximum you can set the limit to is 500,000, if you want your limit to be more than this, them keep reading.

How To Increase Transfer Limit On Access Bank USSD Code Banking

As I have promised in the previous part of the video, I have show you how the diamond bank transfer limit can be increased via mobile app and in this section, I will show you how to do same on USSD banking.

Access bank *901# banking has given a lot of people to easily transact with the phone of any type without stress and when it comes to money transfer, your daily transactions on the app is limited to N100,000 per day and once you reached this limit, you will have bro wait till the following day if you want to make another transfer.

However, to increase access bank transfer limit on USSD code banking, the interaction of the bank staff will be needed here as you will need a bank hardware token and only your bank can issue this to you.

Remembered, in the mobile app section, I said if You want to increase your access bank transfer limit to above 500,000, you should keep reading, the answer is that, for you to achieve that as well, you will need a access bank hardware token.

How To Get Access Bank Hardware Token

The access bank hardware token can only be issued to you by your bank and in this case, you will need to visit the nearest branch of access bank in your area, request for the token and explain all you need to the customer care representative in charge.

He/she will give you the detailed instructions on how to get it and also, you are free to ask of anything you need to know about the token.

Conclusion: All you need to know on how to increase transfer limit on access bank app and USSD banking has been explained to you in this guide and with the detailed information that has been revealed in this guide you should be able to increase your access bank/diamond bank transfer limit without any issue.

If you nee further assistance, do not hesitate to visit the nearest branch of the access bank PLC in your area, table your request and the appropriate guidance and required help will be rendered to you immediately.



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