How To Make Money Blogging In Nigeria: Top 10 Best Ways

You can hardly find a straightforward answer to this topic as most writers confuse ways to make money blogging for how to make money blogging in Nigeria.

While the former focuses on various profitable online business ideas, the latter includes strategies to run your blog as a business.

If you know how to make money blogging, then achieving your business goals will be much easier with your blog.

To clear the air, this guide would be divided into two parts which are key to this discussion:

PART A: How to become a successful blogger in Nigeria.

PART B: How to monetize your blog in Nigeria.

Discover everything you need to know in this guide – take your time to read till the end.

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Learning how to monetize your blog or how to make money blogging in Nigeria will make you feel fulfilled and have the PASSION to keep blogging.

Meanwhile, I want you to read this post and at the end of it become rich. This doesn’t mean blogging is a get-rich-quick scheme.

So, don’t be shocked to realize that you can’t make a dime through blogging without investing, working and waiting patiently for profit.

There is a need to first critically look at when you should start monetizing your blog before discussing any other thing.

When should you monetize your blog?

Most beginners think once they start blogging, money comes immediately.

Even wannabe bloggers want the money before publishing a single post on their shallow blogs.

Some don’t even want to invest at all, but want to make money blogging.

They use free hosting services, free themes and want everything else done for them for free.

They don’t care to know if there are things they need to do before they can start making money from their blogs.

If you have the same attitude, you’ll be disappointed as the money doesn’t come that way.

Among other reasons why most bloggers fail and quit with a broken heart, greed is common.

It’s good to start a blog and have the determination to make money from it. But before you can actually monetize your blog, you must have steady web traffic.

 Web traffic indicates the amount of people that visit your blog at a given time. 

With the use of search engines, social media, email marketing and other strategies, you can gain massive traffic to your blog.

As all this factors into how your blog performs, your web traffic determines when should you start to monetize your blog.

No wonder Brain Jackson says:

Monetization is math, not magic.Brain

So, to make money through blogging in Nigeria isn’t something that can happen overnight.

You need to offer great content and ensure your blog is professional enough to make your audience have great user experience.

The likes of Neil Patel or any successful blogger who publicly announce their blogging monthly income don’t rely on free stuff.

Your blog is meant to convert your audience into a paying customer. But if it isn’t up to the task, where would the money come from?

There are bloggers who travel thousands of miles to have a real sense of a place they want to write about.

This is common among the travel bloggers.

Most of them travel with their family to different places, snap and share their pictures with amazing reviews on their trips just to guide their audience who might like to embark on a similar journey.

That alone consumes a lot of time, money and dedication.

How much of this effort have you put on your blog that you’re looking for an immediate return?

You may decide to choose any profitable blog idea, that’s not an issue.

Irrespective of your niche, location, age, class or background, developing a profitable online business idea could be a bit challenging if you don’t do the needful.

Relevant questions on how to monetize your blog

Blogging isn’t different from other businesses.

So, it takes some self-assessment to discover how to monetize your blog and make it a lifetime opportunity for you as a netpreneur.

If you really want to know “how to make money from blogging in Nigeria”, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can I really make money blogging in Nigeria?
  • What types of blogs can I make money from in Nigeria?
  • How much money can I make from blogging in Nigeria?

If you don’t have answers for these questions yet, don’t trouble yourself too much over them.

This guide is equipped with the aim of using those fundamental questions to dissect the main subject-matter.

Once you have the right answers, understanding how to make money through blogging in Nigeria won’t be an issue for you.

The trick is to help you simplify the main issue and walk you through the basis of a real and successful money-making blog and master the process like a pro.

For this reason, we’ll look at those questions one after the other.

Can you make money blogging?

Yes, you can!

Blogging isn’t rocket science.

So, anyone can blog except those who have problems interacting with others.

But I don’t think there is anyone in this world today who doesn’t socialize with people.

Left to social media alone, there are a lot of wonders and opportunities happening there.

Even if you’re an illiterate, finding your passion in blogging with your illiteracy can fetch you a lot of money.

What types of blogs make money?

There are different blogging niches which other people are pursuing out there. While some are profitable, some are not.

Hence, to make sure you’re on the right track, you need to know if your niche is actually profitable.

 A profitable blog niche is the one that can fetch you money. 

If you’re not dealing in what people demand, where would the money come from?

You need to know if your niche can be used to market other people’s business such as affiliate marketing or dropshipping.

Does your blog cover most parts of what is searched on Google or other search engines?

If your answer to any of these questions is NO, I’m afraid you won’t be making any tidy profit from your blog.

In that case, you need to go back to your drawing-board and reverse engineering.

But if your answer is YES, it means your type of blog too can fetch you as much money as others make from theirs.

Most of the successful bloggers which I know in Nigeria are fond of writing on the following niches:

  1. How to make money
  2. Personal Finance
  3. Health and Fitness
  4. Foods
  5. News
  6. Music
  7. Beauty and Fashion
  8. Digital marketing
  9. Personal development
  10. Book reviews

This suggests that all the niches mentioned above are highly profitable. If your niche is included, I congratulate you.

How much money can you make blogging?

Many factors play different roles as concerns how much you can make from your blog in Nigeria.

If your niche is profitable and you have qualities of a good blogger, there is a guarantee you’re going to make a lot of fortune through blogging.

But that alone is not enough.

You need a reliable host for your blog and use a professional theme which works to help you maximize your profit as a pro blogger.

If visitors can’t have access to your content, there is no way they can appreciate what is there.

Hence, no amount of profitable niche will make that money come except your blog is using good web hosting.

You can rely on any of these top 7 best web hosting providers in Nigeria as their hosting services can enhance your leads and conversions.

If you look at MakeSenseofCents as an example, the blog generates approximately monthly income of $125,000 for the owner.

MakeSenseofCents is personal finance and lifestyle blog owned by Michelle Schroeder-Garner.

Avocadu is another popular blog which I want us to consider as a case study.

This money-making blog generates $70,000 on a monthly basis. It’s owned by the duo of Lex Nerney and Lauren McManus.

The owners use the blog to sell health and wellness related products and services with display ads.

From the chat below, you will see the graphical analysis of different categories of bloggers and the estimated amount of money each generates from their blogs.

Graphical analysis of how much bloggers make from blogging (Credit: Digital Nomad Wannabe)

Most multi million dollar bloggers today started as far back as 2005 or earlier.

By implication, blogging is not a business from which anyone can make money overnight. Success occurs gradually till you come to limelight.

If you work for $1, you make $1.

That is, if you do more, you make more.

In the video below, Suzi Whitford revealed how she hit her first $9,000 from her first ever blog in 2016.

Come to think of it, blogging doesn’t stay in one place.

If you’re not using today’s approach, what worked yesterday might fail today.

You can wake up and find out that Google has updated its “algorithm” overnight.

That means if you want to succeed as a blogger, you have to stay alert and bank on latest blogging strategies.

How to make money blogging in Nigeria

So, what are the blogging strategies to become a successful blogger and how can each help you make money through your blog?

#1. Get ready

Blogging is a career just like any other profession.

There’s no difference whatsoever except in locations and the types of business in question.

Bloggers work from home while others work from fields.

Before someone can become a medical doctor, he needs to familiarize himself with human anatomy.

On the other hand, bloggers need to be familiarized with information and communication technology (ICT) and digital marketing strategies such as SEO, content marketing, copywriting, email marketing, social media marketing and so on.

Since each profession differs, they all take a different approach.

As a blogger, you don’t need to obtain a certificate in ICT before you can start blogging.

But yet that doesn’t mean money follows immediately after your blog comes online.

Most people who rush into blogging include the 27% whose blogs fail to make money as a result of having no good strategic planning.

Planning to make money from blogging is to make you see the past, presence and future of the career so you can prepare for the challenges ahead and equip yourself with measures to overcome the threats and succeed.

Blogging is a very big industry.

There’re bloggers who put their whole life on their blogs because they want to be handsomely rewarded.

You can do the same but don’t be in a hurry.

In business generally, such expectations aren’t met in a day.

Blogging is like a normal investment – you put your money in a business and wait for the business to turn over.

You might not need so much money to start a blog, but the time and other efforts which you combine to grow your blog have a milestone of rewards at the end.

#2. Get the things you need in place

Since you would be working from home, you need the following tools to make money from your blog:

  1. A smartphone
  2. A computer system
  3. Internet service
  4. A computer desk
  5. A chair
  6. An office or a dedicate space in your apartment
  7. Social media presence
  8. Writing materials

Without worrying yourself about renting an office, you can designate a space within your home which can serve as your office and make sure you’re comfortable there.

The environment should be able to give you the confidence and inspiration you need to succeed.

#3. Choose a profitable niche

Before you can choose a niche, there are two prominent external factors which you have to consider.

You have to consider the industry and audience you want to target.

This would give you clues on what niche to profit you the most.

There are a lot of controversies when it comes to the issue of choosing a niche.

Some bloggers say passion rules the game.

That is, once you have passion in a niche, then you are good to go.

What if your passionate idea is not lucrative, so from where would you make your money as a blogger?

So, I disagree with the principle.

If you want to know how to monetize your blog in Nigeria, all it requires is doing business with your blog.

If you see yourself as a business manager, consider an area where most people need support and establish your business around the problem.

That will make your ideas very popular and profitable.

Focus your attention on a niche that has a high demand rate rather than just doing something because you have passion for doing it.

Once you start making money, the passion will come if it isn’t there yet.

This shows, blogging isn’t all about you, your ability or passion to do something but what’s missing in other people’s life that you want to fix.

It’s from that angle that you can make money through blogging.

In a nutshell, to make money blogging, you must offer a product or service that can help solve a problem you think your audience faces.

#4. Adopt content marketing strategy

Content marketing is a blogging monetization strategy you can’t afford to implement on your blog.

Using this strategy effectively will stimulate the interest of your audience in buying a product or service on your blog.

It can be used to attract and convert an audience into your potential customer.

Content marketing works by telling a valuable story around the products or services your blog promotes.

And this can be leveraged to sell any product or service on your blog and make money.

Experts believe that planning, creating and sharing emotional stories or highly valuable content on a blog converts and retains more customers than a traditional advertisement.

It directly promotes your brand and builds a strong relationship with the customers.

As most advertisements are full of exaggeration, customers rely mostly on content marketing because of its impact on their purchasing decisions.

You can use your blog to review and demonstrate the relevance of your products to your audience.

With this strategy, you don’t need to ask your audiences to buy but attract their interest by showing them why it’s important to buy the products.

While people are reading your views on a product, they will realize why they need the product.

And that will compel them to follow your lead, buy now and return next time if the product or service works as you demonstrate.

So, the more this happens, the more money you make on your blog.

#5. Integrate email subscription pop-ups

An example of email subscription Pop-up

Pop-ups are used to track everyone that visits your blog.

Depending on your settings, a pop-up can trigger as a visitor is about to leave your page. Sometimes it triggers a few seconds after someone lands on your blog.

Pop-ups come with a form in which visitors can enter their names and email addresses to opt in for an offer or subscribe to your newsletter.

You don’t collect your visitor’s contact information for fun but to follow up with them and market your stuff through their emails.

Experts believe that this is a powerful marketing tool to generate leads, boost engagement rate, convert and retain your audience.

So, with the correct use of a pop-up on your blog, you have the tendency of building a list that can be used to track your audience, know more about them while same can be used to reach out to them and make them more familiar and comfortable with your brand.

#6. Monetize your blog

Blog monetization addresses all the possible ways to make money from your blog.

As said earlier, some of the best ways to monetize your blog will be discussed in this section.

As a blogger, you can sell your own products or services if you have what your audiences are looking for.

What is important is to help your audience find products or services they need and offer your recommendations.

As your audience goes for the products or services, you make a direct sale or commission on payments they make across to the other companies.

Before you can make money blogging, you have to ensure what you want to blog about is highly relevant.

So, if your blog attracts a large number of readers, then you’ll definitely hit a huge milestone from it.

Not following this blogging rule, there is no way your blog can generate income for you.

Since that isn’t what you hope for, coming online to start your own small business in the following area which I’m about to show you includes the best ways to monetize your blog.

Look at the image below and see how different industries perform on Facebook.

– How different industries perform on Facebook (Image Source: Facebook)

So, if you find your niche in any of the above industries, then you have the freedom to work from home or anywhere and make a lot of money.

Another thing to note is you can’t sell any product or service without knowing what your target audience wants the most.

So, if your blog goes towards the right direction, you have the golden opportunity to supper drive sales and increase your ROI.

Assuming you make wears or any other physical product or you
are into servicing, you have the prospect to multiply your customers using your

The point is your blog can help you target any market, stay connected to your potential customers.

When you help someone with a solution, the beauty of it is to get paid for your help.

So, we want to look at how this is possible.

How to monetize your blog in Nigeria

I once said that you need to invest your money, time and effort in your blog with the best of your ability.

Having done all that, then you can think of getting the rewards.

Meanwhile, here are the best ways to monetize your blog in Nigeria.

#1. Make money with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable ways to make money blogging.

Most bloggers generate their income through this marketing platform.

In the US alone, 15% of the revenue generated from the digital economy comes from affiliate marketing.

The system allows various businesses to boost their reach and ROI with the help of bloggers who help them promote their products and services on their blogs.

You’re not going to do this for free.

The company which you send your audience to will reward your effort with a certain percentage on each sale they generate through your referral link.

The image below demonstrates how affiliate marketing works:

Based on the image, all you have to do is to promote a product with a link that can lead the buyer to the product page on the seller’s website.

When the audience clicks on the link, lands on the seller’s website and buys the product, the seller takes the payment and ship the goods to him after you must have received your own commission.

This couldn’t be more simpler and easier than creating and sharing great content, featuring amazing reviews about products which your audience might need.

#2. Make money with Google AdSense

You can equally make money blogging in Nigeria with the integration of Google AdSense into your blog.

AdSense is an advertising network that collects and displays third-party advertisements on your site.

While it helps advertisers gain a wider exposure and sales, you can use it to monetize your blog.

When your audience clicks on the ad, Google pays you a certain percentage in what they charge the advertisers.

There are various other ad networks that you can use apart from Google AdSense. And they include:

  • Propeller Ads
  • Amazon Native Shopping Ads
  • Adversal
  • Sovrn
  • SkimLinks
  • Monumetric
  • InfoLinks
  • ylliX
  • Evadav
  • PopCash
  • PopAds
  • BuySellAds
  • Bidvertiser
  • Adsterra

If you want to monetize your blog with Google AdSense, visit Google and sign up for the service.

– Google Adsense Example (Image Sourse: Kinsta)

Despite the fact that Google AdSense is free, your application might not be approved if your site violates the terms and conditions of using the service.

So, to avoid being disqualified, it’s advisable to do your homework and ensure you’re eligible for the service.

After getting the approval, you might still not make any money without investing your time and effort.

With a great amount of SEO – traffic, amazing content, and target audience, Google AdSense is a monetization effort which you can bank on.

#3. Make money displaying target advertising

You can get paid for advertising for other businesses with very much attractive traffic on your blog.

With this service you can help others generate substantial leads to their business or any specific product or service page on their website.

While this is considered as the fastest way to make money from your blog, it can serve as a Google AdSense alternative.

So, displaying ad banners on your blog doesn’t require much effort than:

  1. Making it publicly known that you offer advertising services;
  2. Having a page on your blog that describe your service packages;
  3. Having a price list displaying how much you charge;

You’ll also need the service of a good graphic designer that can help you create an amazing ad concept for your clients.

Because this makes the easiest money for you doesn’t mean your blog should be flooded with too many ad banners.

From a user perspective, ad banners could be irritating if you’re not organized.

Most Nigerian blogs and prominent news platforms display target ads to generate income from their blogs.

Nairaland, for example, generates part of its income from displaying target ads.

One of the best ways to make money blogging in Nigeria is to monetize with sponsored posts or reviews on your blog.

These days that the consumers spend much of their time online, smart businesses look for ways to be in touch with them seamlessly.

They want bloggers that have what it takes to review their businesses and generate leads for their products and services.

This would give the businesses the chance to entice your readers and probably convert them into their potential customers.

This is a great opportunity for you.

You’ll become an influencer marketer by offering sponsored posts or reviews for your clients.

As influencer marketing is in vogue, more than 63% of the companies that have used this strategy before still want to invest more in it.

So, to monetize your blog with sponsored posts or reviews requires you to have massive traffic on your blog and possibly a good number of people following you on social media.

This is what the businesses will consider before they can invest in your service.

For this reason, ensure your blog is relevant to their business before reaching out to them.

For example, if your blog is all about digital marketing, pitching to web hosting companies would be a good shot.

#5. Sell physical products on your blog

Nowaday that people buy everything they need online, you can take advantage of that behavior to start selling relevant physical products to your audience.

For example, a digital marketing blog can sell relevant tools like computer eye glasses, unidirectional microphones, live sound cards used for podcasting and so on.

Assuming you’re into a health and fitness blog, your audience won’t have to read about how skipping ropes or treadmills can help them lose weight and be looking for where to get the best equipment.

If you sell the equipment on your blog, it will give your audience the chance to buy the products directly from your blog and save themselves from unnecessary stress.

So, the moment you decide to monetize your blog using this approach, all you have to do is to display the products on your blog and recommend them to your audience.

This means, you will need to integrate eCommerce into your blog for easy carting and payment processing.

#6. Sell digital products on your blog

Blogging isn’t just about discussing how your audience can solve his or her problems. It extends to your ability to recommend relevant products to your audience.

For this reason, selling digital products on your blog can be a perfect business for you as the product line doesn’t incur much capital, compared to physical products.

This is a great opportunity for someone like you who wanted to know how to monetize your blog in Nigeria.

Digital products are the opposite of physical products.

They can be classified as publications, videos, audios, games, apps, software and so on. Because digital products are virtual and intangible products, they can be consumed both online and offline.

There are up to 101 digital product ideas which you can develop under the following categories:

Publications – If you know how to write very well, find any product idea you can create and sell on your blog among the following:

  • 1. Ebook – non-fiction
  • 2. Ebook – fiction
  • 3. Poetry book
  • 4. Ecommerce product descriptions
  • 5. Copywriting templates (ex. How to fire a client, how to raise prices)
  • 6. Recipe books
  • 7. Document templates
  • 8. Reports/analytics templates
  • 9. Email campaign templates (upselling, cross-selling, re-engagement, etc.)
  • 10. Creative brief samples/templates
  • 11. Academic research, papers, findings
  • 12.Magazines
  • 13. Writing cover letters
  • 14. Dispute letters (with banks, attorneys, clients, etc.)

Audio – You need sound recording equipment to create this kind of a product, but not as big as a professional standard.

Find any profitable idea among the following:

  • 15. Songs
  • 16. Beats
  • 17. Jingles
  • 18. Ringtones
  • 19. Sound effects
  • 20. Voice overs (as a service)
  • 21. Instrumental tracks

Video – Video is one of the fast selling digital products which engage the audience most. Facebook alone has more than 8 billion video views per day

So, if you can sell any of the following products on your blog, you’re on track:

  • 22. Sell short films (entertainment)
  • 23. Video animation intros
  • 24. Stock video
  • 25. Video tutorials (e.g., How to set up a website, steps to create an ebook, etc.)
  • 26. Event videos (short wedding, travel or tour video etc.)
  • 27. Documentary
  • 28. Stand-up comedy
  • 29. Deluts

Sign up on Sellfy to sell your video content.

Graphic design – Is an amazing strategy which also boosts business engagement online.

Virtually nothing flies online without a good graphic design nowadays. That makes this niche highly profitable.

You can create and sell the following designs on your blog:

  • 30. Wallpapers
  • 31. Posters/prints
  • 32. Emojis/bitmojis
  • 33. Fonts
  • 34. Photoshop/illustrator templates
  • 35. Branding services
  • 36. Photoshop services
  • 37. Logo design
  • 38. Business card design
  • 39. Infographic design
  • 40. Turn images into vector files
  • 41. Powerpoint / Keynote presentation templates
  • 42. Printout origami
  • 43. Printable colouring book pages
  • 44. 3D models
  • 45. VR/AR templates
  • 46. 3D printer design files
  • 47. Icon sets
  • 48. Animations
  • 49. Wedding invitation templates
  • 50. CGI models
  • 51. Comics
  • 52. Printable calendars
  • 53. Printable journals

Photography – If you like snapping everything you see, you can possibly turn the hobby into a real business.

READ: Top Best 21 Sites to get stock images for free.

This idea doesn’t necessarily require you to have a DSLR camera.

If you want to know why your phone has a camera, consider any of these ideas:

  • 54. Lightroom/photoshop presets
  • 55. Mockup images
  • 56. Stock photos
  • 57. LUTs (Lookup Tables)

IT and tech – IT and tech niches are generally known to be highly lucrative. You can create a business around that industry and sell your products on your blog.

For that reason, any of the following will fit in for the business on your IT or tech blog:

  • 58. Apps
  • 59. Games
  • 60. Browser plugins
  • 61. Website themes (WordPress, for example, powers 60% of the internet’s CMSs)
  • 62. Setup for online stores, blogs, websites
  • 63. Selling domains
  • 64. Hosting
  • 65. Zapier templates
  • 66. Code snippets

Knowledge and time transfer – Irrespective of your skill, there are people who need to learn the same skill.

If you use your blog to target the people, then your blog can be a source of income for you.

So, here are few ways to make money sharing your knowledge with people:

  • 67. Language lessons
  • 68. Financial consultations
  • 69. Financial planning
  • 70. Coaching/mentoring sessions
  • 71. Tutoring
  • 72. Resume touchups
  • 73. Essay-writing services
  • 74. Translations
  • 75. Social media marketing
  • 76. User testing
  • 77. Proofreading
  • 78. Editing
  • 79. Audits (accounting audits, content audits, etc.)
  • 80. Career consultations

Miscellaneous – If you don’t have the time to teach people one on one, then reducing your training resources to online courses is a bright idea.

Selling any of the following courses on your blog can equally fetch you a lot of money:

  • 81. Courses – of any and all kinds
  • 82. Sewing patterns
  • 83. Knitting patterns
  • 84. Architectural plans
  • 85. Nutrition plans
  • 86. Meal-prep plans
  • 87. Workout plans
  • 88. Custom vacation/travel planning
  • 89. Virtual assisting
  • 90. Worksheets (educational curriculum ideas)
  • 91. Paid newsletters
  • 92. Woodworking instructions – step-by-step tutorials
  • 93. Custom beauty/style/skincare consultations
  • 94. Drawing lessons – step-by-step
  • 95. Board game printouts
  • 96. Astrology readings
  • 97. Car/equipment repair manuals
  • 98. Meditation/subliminal programs
  • 99. Stock market analysis software
  • 100. Minecraft skins/renders
  • 101. Painting tutorials
#7. Create and sell eBooks to your audience

Selling eBooks is another profitable way for bloggers to make money from their blogs.

Because eBooks don’t occupy physical space and are not too expensive, most internet consumers prefer them.

They can easily be created and distributed across multiple channels.

You don’t have to be a big author before you can create and sell an eBook on your blog. In fact, you don’t need massive traffic either.

Your blogging skills and strategies are all you need to become a successful eBook author.

Meanwhile, you need to be hardworking to make meaningful sales.

You’re already a writer – you conduct several research, gather as many findings as possible and treat a series of relevant topics.

If all this can be in a piece, you’ll make a great eBook out of it and add value to the life of your audience.

Creating a stunning eBook can be more easier with an eBook creator such as:

  • Visme
  • Canva
  • Photoshop
  • Snappa

They all have great features that can be used to create, distribute and sell your first eBook online.

#8. Monetize with your courses

If you have ever wanted to know how to monetize your blog in Nigeria, what about you offering paid courses to your audience?

Sometimes, your audience wants more on a topic than the little you have in a post.

You need to take advantage of that behavior to pitch your courses to your audience.

Instead of giving out the remaining part of the subject to your audience for free, you can ask them to pay a token before they can have it.

This suggests the need for the following:

  1. Identify what the audience needs
  2. Create your course content
  3. Put up a page on your blog to enlist all courses with price tags
  4. Make the course readily available for those who pay for it

You can equally advertise your courses on social media to attract more customers or pitch them to your audience while answering their questions in your private groups.

A course can be offered in a video, audio, text or voice-over slide format, live or recorded within a time frame of 3 to 7 minutes.

As most people lose attention within a short time, a longer course might be boring.

So, if you want to stay within that time frame, don’t cover more than a concept per course.

This is to make sure your audience finds the answer they need as soon as possible.

There are online platforms where you can create and sell your courses with or without a blog.

These include:

  1. Udemy – Use for launching your first course.
  2. SkillShare – Use for teaching creative skills.
  3. Teachable – Use for marketing your courses.
  4. Podia – Use for creating a storefront for your courses.
  5. Thinkific – Use for creating your course from scratch.
  6. Kajabi – Use for marketing your course via autopilot.
  7. Ruzuku – Use for hosting a live video course or webinar. 
  8. Zoom – Same as Ruzuku.
  9. WizIQ -Same as Ruzuku and Zoom.
  10. LearnWorlds – Use for setting up an online school.

You don’t need to worry yourself on how to get customers on these platforms.

Those who are aware of these platforms visit them regularly to search for important learning resources.

If your courses are optimised for student success, you will definitely find customers.

All it takes to sell your courses on those platforms is to visit the websites or download the apps on Google Playstore, sign up and probably pay a membership fee and upload your courses.

Udemy, for example, runs paid ads on Facebook. With that effort, they generate leads for every course submitted to them.

That will give you the opportunity to get a lot of customers who will buy from you.

#9. Get paid offering consulting services

Some audiences prefer one on one coaching or consulting services.

Give them your best selling books or courses, they won’t be satisfied except you train them one on one.

Most entrepreneurs having sales and marketing issues might want to hire you if they know you can help them fix their problems.

Some don’t have the time to apply any training, but need someone to work for them and pay him handsomely.

This opens another great opportunity for you to monetize your blog.

Depending on your area of service, you can make 6 figures monthly income consulting for businesses or individuals in this niche.

Without much traffic, this monetization technique can also work for you as a Nigerian blogger.

Recently, I started charging my audience for answering their questions on WhatsApp.

If you ask me a question that has already been discussed in a post and you want me to answer you because you don’t have enough time to read that post, you’ll have to pay.

In this regard, your social media presence – Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter or Quora has a lot of work to do for you.

Do your best posting relevant content to leverage your presence on those platforms and gain the attention of your target audience.

#10. Become a freelance blogger

One of the best ways to monetize your blog is becoming a freelance writer.

Most big bloggers and news platforms such as Opera news need independent writers that can create amazing content for them.

If you make yourself available for such an offer, it will fetch you a lot of money.

Being a freelance blogger isn’t hard at all, except the fact that you need to spend a part of your time working for others.

In fact, the job would be easier if you can stay within your niche.

The same skill, style, knowledge and experience you use to create your blog posts can be transferred to other prominent bloggers who need paid guest bloggers.

Create a profile on any freelance platform such as Fiverr, UpWork and so on to find customers.

Sometimes ago, I wrote a guide on how to use Fiverr to make money online. Check the post and see how the platform can help you sell your writing gig.

According to WriteWorldWide, based on an international standard, the prices for writing a blog post for others ranges between $50 to $350.

For other writing related jobs, see the image below.

Quotation for writing gigs outside Nigeria (Image source: WriteWorldWide)

You might not be able to make up to that amount if you’re targeting Nigerian market.

The reason for this includes what DeCritic calls demographic factors in one of his answers on Quora.

Location, experience level, special skills (like SEO knowledge, special email marketing development, human psychology, marketing skills, meta-title, meta-description, ninja-writing skills, etc), not being known or lack of demand determine what the clients offer.De Critic

Nigerian writers are being terribly affected by these factors.

As the market has been flooded by so many hungry writers, it’s hard to charge as much as what the international freelance writers charge their clients.

Tentatively, Nigerian freelance writers charge based on their professional levels.

Quotation for writing gigs in Nigeria (Image source: Quora)

Sometimes, you need to go high, low or somehow in the middle while billing your clients.

As a result of this, there is no standard price for freelance writers in Nigeria.

If you want to make money in this industry at all, you have to be flexible with your service charges and make room for negotiation.

Depending on the circumstances, you can charge your customers per word, per hour, or per project.


This is a long read and I believe you now know how to make money blogging in Nigeria.

As hard as you try to monetize your blog but not making much headway, it’s normal to see blogging as the hardest business.

But that is not true.

To make money blogging is easy and all it takes are ordinary business etiquettes.

I divided this guide into two parts – one addresses how you can become a successful blogger and the other basically treats how to monetize your blog in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, to make money blogging isn’t just about doing one online business or the other but having what it takes to do the business and succeed.

And this includes your investment in terms of time, money and efforts.

The problem with most failed blogs lies in the owners trying to avoid the norms.

So, you will only be wasting your time expecting results without investing in your blog.

If blogging success lies in the kind of products or services you want to sell on your blogs, then we won’t be talking about this monetization issue.

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