Lazerpay Review – How To Accept Crypto Payments For Your Business

Receiving and sending payments globally just got a lot easier!

Lazerpay is a payment gateway that helps businesses receive cryptocurrency payments from all over the world.

Interestingly, within a short period of inception, over 700 businesses have adopted its solutions.

In today’s post, I will tell you what exactly Lazerpay is, how it stands out from the rest and how you can start using it right away.

So, are you an online business owner looking for the easiest and fastest way to accept payments globally? Read to the end of the post!

Post Summary

I’ll cover the following:

  1. What Is Lazerpay?
  2. Features Of Lazerpay
  3. Product And Services
  4. Supported Countries/Currencies And Fees
  5. How To Get Started With Lazerpay
  6. Customer Support And Public Opinion
  7. What The Future Holds For Lazerpay
  8. FAQs
  9. Conclusion

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1. What Is Lazerpay?


Lazerpay is a payment gateway startup that helps businesses connect to their customers worldwide through a global payment system.

The company was founded by Emmanuel Njoku, a 19-year-old software engineer from Nigeria.

He founded it in October 2021 and referred to it as the Stripe of cryptocurrency.

With Lazerpay, e-commerce and online businesses can accept payments in stablecoins.

They can also redeem these payments and get their local currency in their bank account.

Lazerpay processes transactions in about a minute.

As a matter of fact, it has processed more than $90,000 in transactions despite being new.

And impressively, it has received $1.1 million in funding.

2. Features Of Lazerpay

  • Payment links and buttons
  • Webhook
  • Instant settlement
  • Secure transaction
  • Great user interface
  • Blog

Check out the services below!

3. Products And Services

1. Accept Payment

With Lazerpay, businesses can accept payments from their customers in two ways:

  • Payment button: Businesses that own a website can create a payment button using the Lazerpay API and embed it on their website.

When customers visit their sites and click on the button, it will lead them to Lazerpay to make payment.

  • Payment Links: Alternatively, businesses that do not have a website can create a payment link.

It is a unique URL that they can share with their customers on any social platform, Whatsapp, Facebook, email, etc.

This link redirects customers to Lazerpay to make payments.

2. Business Wallet

Lazerpay provides businesses with custodial wallets to receive and store up to 4 stablecoins.

Also, this wallet supports the following blockchains: Binance Smart Chain, Solana, and Ethereum.

3. Global Payouts

This service enables businesses to withdraw their stablecoins instantly into their bank accounts.

And they do not need to visit a crypto exchange.

Isn’t it interesting?

Lazerpay intends to add the following services later: “Lazer Token, Loyalty program, Earn.”

Note: Apart from business services, Lazerpay can also be used for crypto donations.

Continue reading!

4. Supported Countries/Currencies And Fees

Countries Supported

Lazerpay is available to all countries.

However, payouts are currently done in only 2 local currencies: NGN and USD.

This means that you can redeem the stablecoins in your Lazerpay wallet for any of these two local currencies.

Currencies Supported

The following stablecoins are supported:


Lazerpay charges a flat fee of 1% on each transaction.

Ready to use Lazerpay? Scroll down to the next section.

5. How To Get Started With Lazerpay

Follow these simple steps:

1. Visit and click on “Create an account”.


2. Fill out the form and click “Sign up”


3. Check your email for an OTP from Lazerpay, then enter it on the next page.


4. You will be logged in to your dashboard.


Awesome! you are now a Lazerpay user.

You will receive a prompt on the dashboard on how to create your payment link and payment button.

Continue to the next section!

6. Customer Support And Public Opinion

To join the community or reach out to the team for help, use the following channels:

  • Live chat via the website
  • Telegram –
  • Instagram –
  • Twitter –
  • Linkedin –

Additionally, the website has an FAQ section where you may find answers to your query.

I didn’t find the platform on popular review sites like Trustpilot.

This is probably because it is still new.

However, Lazerpay has over 3000 followers on Twitter and from the comments, people seem to love it.

See the next section!

7. What The Future Holds For Lazerpay

Payments between countries have long been a problem.

Thankfully, Lazerpay offers a perfect solution to it.

Allowing businesses to accept payments in stablecoins makes it possible for customers to access their products globally.

Also, it helps them to protect their funds from crypto volatility.

I believe that a lot of businesses will embrace this solution.

Other crypto payment gateways like Fliqpay only accept volatile crypto assets like BTC, XRP, etc.

Businesses’ funds are not safe in these assets, especially in the case of a sudden crypto market crash.

This makes Lazerpay stand out.

Furthermore, Lazerpay aims to drive crypto adoption in Africa through crypto payments.

With the way it is growing now, having over 700 registered businesses, I believe it is close to becoming the leading crypto payment gateway in Africa.

Read the FAQ section and we will call it a wrap!

8. FAQs

1. Can I register more than one business on Lazerpay?

Yes! You can register more than one account.

2. Who can use Lazerpay?

It can be used by any service provider who wants to accept payments in stablecoins.

Furthermore, their customers do not need to open an account to send me payments. What they need is either the payment link or the payment button.

3. Is credit/debit card payment supported?

No, it is not. Customers can make payments in stablecoins.
This means that you’ll need a crypto wallet to use this platform.

4. Is Lazerpay Safe?

Yes, it is. Find my reasons below:
– The founder, Emmanuel Njoku, is a software developer and has worked with major companies like MakerDAO. So, the company is in good hands.
– Over 700 businesses are already using this platform to accept payments.
Nestcoin, a popular crypto investment firm in Nigeria is investing big into this project.
– Also, the founder has the support of popular tech guys in Nigeria including Yele Bademosi

5. Does Lazerpay have an app?

No, it doesn’t. You can only access it via the web interface.

Heads up!

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9. Conclusion

This is the end of this review. I hope you enjoyed it?

Now, I need your response.

What do you think about this payment gateway?

Have you used it before? Or do you want to sign up now?

Which other stablecoin would you like it to support?

Type your answers in the comment section and I will respond to them.

Spread the word about Lazerpay by clicking on the social media icons below. Cheers!

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  • Good User Interface
  • Low fees
  • Instant remittance

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