LearnWorlds vs Teachable vs Thinkific Comparison 2022: See 19 Reasons

Thinkific vs Teachable vs LearnWorlds Summary

Thinkific does not charge transaction fees while Teachable and LearnWorlds do in their Basic plans. Thinkific and LearnWorlds offer the most advanced course facilities followed by Teachable. Lastly, Teachable offers the friendliest and simple interface followed by Thinkific and then LearnWorlds.


LearnWorlds vs Thinkific vs Teachable

Here is a side-by-side comparison of the online learning platforms.


1]. User Friendliness and Simplicity

While all the learning platforms are intuitive for creators and audience usage, Teachable has the friendliest interface to navigate your class sections followed by Thinkific, and then LearnWorlds.

Talking about Thinkific and LearnWorlds, they are no doubt sleek in nature but due to the many advanced course building facilities they offer tend to make them less intuitive as compared to Teachable.

And between Learnworlds and Thinkific, Thinkific is the friendliest in terms of user experience.  

Winner: Teachable


2]. Free Plan

Both Teachable and Thinkific offer a free plan for beginners with limited functions while LearnWorlds does not offer a free plan.

Winners: Thinkific & Teachable


3]. Mobile Apps

How about making your course available on mobile applications for your audiences great, right? Yeah. Now, which of these platforms offers this option?

Both LearnWorlds and Teachable offer mobile apps, but between the two platforms, LearnWorlds offers both apps for iOS and Android users, plus, they give you the option to build your app from scratch using their app builder.

However, the limitation with Teachable is that the app is only available for iOS users.  

Considering Thinkific, while they don’t currently offer an app, nonetheless, with its Course Player which is fully mobile responsive, your students will be able to take your courses on the go from any phone, tablet, or computer!

Winner – LearnWorlds, then Teachable


4]. LearnWorlds vs Teachable vs Thinkific Advanced Features

Thinkific and LearnWorlds offer the most advanced course facilities to build and customize your online course, followed by Teachable.

Considering Thinkific and LearnWorlds, you can’t go wrong with any of the two (2) in terms of advanced features because they are both robust. Nevertheless, the Thinkific App Store, versatile and multiple customer support channels, Voice over PowerPoint presentation tool, and daily backup makes Thinkific stand out above LearnWorlds and Teachable excluding integrations with the Zapier tool.

Where LearnWorlds beats Thinkific and Teachable is offering SCORM – which is rarely used by most creators anyways.

What of Teachable? Teachable is up right there offering the relevant and needed advanced features for tutors who do not like overstressing on advanced customizations.

Winner: Thinkific, then LearnWorlds


5]. Membership and Subscriptions

A membership site is a subscription-based website with exclusive content for members only. Offering subscription packages for your courses (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) gives you an option for passive income and increased engagement.

Luckily, all of the three (3) platforms offer facilities to create membership and subscriptions for recurring income.

Winner: all three (3)


6]. Free Course Offer on a free plan

Both Thinkific and Teachable allow you to create free courses for students in the free pricing plans. While on LearnWorlds, it is only possible in its “premium plans”.

With Teachable, students can fully access your product by signing up for an account.

Winners: Thinkific and Teachable


7]. Transaction Fees

Teachable and LearnWorlds charges transaction fees in her “Basic plans”, while Thinkific does not.

Winner: Thinkific


8]. Live Streaming Options

All three online course platforms offer live streaming options, but LearnWorlds provides the most robust options for both native (inbuilt) and third-party streaming options.

With LearnWorlds you have advanced streaming options such as IBM Cloud Video Platform, LearnCube, Zoom, Webex, YouTube Live, Prezi Video, Google Hangouts, and other integrations via Zapier.

With Thinkific, you can use YouTube Live, LiveStream.com, EWebinar, Howdy, and many more from its App store.

And lastly, with Teachable you have just YouTube, Twitch, and Vimeo.

For third-party integrations, should you want more via third-party integrations you can go for it but the cost will be on you and not the online course hosting sites.

Winner: LearnWorlds, then Thinkific


9]. Unlimited Video Hosting, Students, and Courses

All of the platforms offer unlimited video hosting, courses, and students, but mostly from their premium pricing plans.


10]. Course Migrations from Alternative Platforms

Assuming you want to move your online course from alternative course platforms such as SamCart, LearnDash, or Podia, which of them offers free migration?

Unlike Podia where free migration is available, Thinkific, LearnWorlds, and Teachable do not offer free course migration from other platforms. Instead, what LearnWorlds and Thinkific offer are bulk importers to move all of your existing content to their server.

On Thinkific

Course Migrations on Thinkific


On LearnWorlds

Course Migrations on LearnWorlds


And for Teachable, you can manually add up to five students at a time – which is not so automated.

add studenTs on Teachable


11]. Marketing strengths on Thinkific vs LearnWorlds vs. Teachable

All three (3) course platforms offer a variety of marketing options such as coupons, conversion tracking, and retargeting pixel support, Search engine optimization (SEO), free trials of courses on courses, email marketing, Bundles, and payment plans which helps your audiences pay installment. 

Now, Thinkific stands out with advanced course marketing options such as time-limited courses, consulting time, and different environments to support stakeholders.  

On the other hand, LearnWorlds stands out with a marketing option such as form builder which helps you capture leads and build sales funnels for your school.

Winners: Thinkific and LearnWorlds are clear.


12]. Customer Support for creators

While Thinkific and Teachable offer the best customer support options, Thinkific trumps others with multi-versatile support channels such as private instructor community, 24/7 monitoring, Priority support, and Dedicated Customer Success Team.

Live Chat support

Again, among Learnworlds, Thinkific and Teachable, Thinkific and Teachable provide instant chat support for creators.

Thinkific offers live chat support from its Basic plan of $49/mo while on Teachable you can only get it from its Pro plan of $99/mo, and on LearnWorlds, you do not get it at all.

Email chat support

While all the three platforms offer email support, with Thinkific, you get expert customer support from its free plan to the Plus plan.

Winner: Thinkific, then Teachable  


13]. Payment options on Thinkific, LearnWorlds & Teachable

What payment methods are available on these courses hosting platforms for your audiences? Let’s see.

LearnWorlds provides 4 payment options (Stripe, PayPal, PagSeguro, and Shopify) plus international payment. 

Thinkific offers 3 main payment options (Thinkific Payments, Stripe, and PayPal) plus international payment.

And Teachable offers 4 (credit/debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay) plus major international credit and debit cards (Visa, American Express, and MasterCard).


14]. Site examples

The truth with Thinkific, LearnWorlds & Teachable site examples and designs will depend on the course creator and what he or she is offering in terms of niche. The overall point is that you can create anything you want with your online school.

Just so you can see what they look like in real-time, here is an example of a Thinkific site example. This is the LearnWorlds site example, and this is Teachable’s site example.  


15]. Thinkific Vs Teachable vs LearnWorlds Price & Plans Comparison


Pricing plans paid Yearly

Thinkific’s “Basic pricing plan” starts at $39 per month, the “Pro pricing plan” at $79/month and the “Business plan” at $399/month.

Thinkific Vs Teachable vs LearnWorlds Price


LearnWorlds “Basic pricing plan” starts at $24 per month, the “Pro pricing plan” at $79/month, and the “Business plan” at $249/month.

LearnWorlds vs Teachable vs Thinkific Pricing plan


Teachable’s “Basic pricing plan” starts at $29 per month, the “Pro pricing plan” at $99/month, and the “Business plan” at $249/month.

LearnWorlds vs Teachable vs Thinkific Pricing plan

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