Let A Bot Trade For You (III): Trading With RoyalQ Bot

In today’s article, I’ll show you how to set up the RoyalQ bot so it can start trading for you.

RoyalQ bot is a quantitative crypto trading bot that maximizes your crypto trading profits.

It buys cryptos at a low price and sells at a high price to make a quick profit on your behalf.

Because it’s a programmable bot, you’ll need to set it up before it can start trading, which I’ll show you how to do in this article.

Already excited to learn? Then let’s get started!

Post Summary

This is an overview of what I intend to cover in this article.

  1. Definition Of Terms
  2. RoyalQ Trade Settings – Quantitative Strategy
  3. The RoyalQ Circle Feature – Synchronization/Copy Trading Strategy
  4. FAQs
  5. Conclusion

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We have created a special series just for the RoyalQ bot.

This is to give you the best understanding of how the bot works.

Here is the third part of the RoyalQ bot series.

Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for new series that will be published soon.

1. Definition Of Terms

After you’ve created and activated a RoyalQ account as we did in the previous posts, the next step is to set it up for trading.

When setting up your Royal Q bot, you will be presented with different trade setting features.

Let’s have a look at what each trade settings entail:

Your “First buy-in amount” is the amount you want the bot to buy on its first buy attempt.

For example, when the bot buys for the first time, you can ask it to buy 10USDT worth of BTC using your trading capital.

By turning on this button, you are also instructing the bot to double the first buy amount after the first buy.

This is the number of times you want the bot to buy when the coin’s price falls.

By default, it will be set to 7, however, depending on your trading capital, you can change it to any number you want. Later, I’ll expand on this.

  • Whole Position Take Profit Ratio

This is the percentage at which your take profit is activated.

For instance, you can set your take profit ratio at a 1.3% target.

This means that the bot can now comfortably take profit starting from this position.

However, note that the bot does not take profit immediately at this target. I’ll explain further below.

  • Whole Position Take Profit Call Back

This is the percentage at which the bot takes a profit when your earnings start dropping.

Let’s say your “Take profit ratio” is  1.3% and your “Take profit call back” is 0.3%.

However, you have made a profit of 2%. The bot will sell if the market drops to 0.3% from the 2% profit.

This is where you set up your “Margin call limit” properly. It is also where the power of the DCA strategy comes into play.

It has 2 features:

  1. Margin Call drops: Here you input the percentage drops where the bot should be triggered to buy coins.
  2. Multiple buy in ratio: Here you input the number of times it should buy a coin in each dip.

Note: The “Multiple Buy in ratio” is multiplied by your “Buy in amount”.

For instance, if your “First Buy in amount” is 10USDT and the “Multiple Buy in ratio” is 2 times. The bot will buy 40USDT worth of coins.

To set up the Margin configuration properly, it is wise that you adjust the settings according to your trading capital.

This is because the bot will not be able to carry out all your margin calls if your trading capital is depleted.

This is the percentage at which the bot should buy once a margin call configuration has been activated.

For example:

If you’re trading the BTC/USDT pair and your “Margin call drop configuration” is set at 3.5% while your “Buy in call back” is 0.5%.

This is how it goes:

If the price of BTC falls by 3.5%, a margin call will be triggered.

The bot, on the other hand, will buy if BTC rises by 0.5% from its 3.5% loss.

  • Distributed And Take Profit Allocation

This is an additional setting that you can use to adjust your “Take profit ratio” at various margin calls.

It can only be used when your “Margin call limit ” exceeds 4 times.

Furthermore, it is also referred to as the “Sub-position mode”.

  • Sub-position Take-profit Callback:

This is the “Take profit call back” that becomes effective when the “Sub-position mode” is activated.

These are the 2 ways that the bot can trade for you.

You must pick between “One-shot” and “Cycle” while setting the bot to trade.

The term “one-shot” refers to the bot’s ability to trade only once and then close the trade.

“Cycle”, on the other hand, refers to the bot’s ability to repeat a trade several times.

  • First Preset Buy in Price

This is your entry price or the precise price level of a cryptocurrency at which the bot should start trading.

As the name implies, this stops the bot from trading your margin calls, if you feel the market is going against you.

This allows you to manually add up more funds to your trades to exit a trade in a bearish market trend.

  • Sell: It allows you to manually buy or sell a coin on a trade if you wish.

I’m hoping you’re still with me? If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section.

Now, let’s get into the practical step-by-step of setting up your RoyalQ bot to trade.

Trade With RoyalQ App

2. RoyalQ Trade Settings – Quantitative Strategy

Before we proceed there are few things I will like you to bear in mind:

  • RoyalQ bot will only conduct trades on your behalf based on the set of instructions that you have given it.
  • Therefore, you should have a profitable trading strategy through which you intend to instruct it to trade for you.
  • If you do not have one, don’t worry; I have also included a profitable trading strategy which you can use in this article.
  • Furthermore, RoyalQ supports only USDT trading pairs (more about this later)

Having cleared the air, let’s continue.

How To Setup The RoyalQ Bot For A Trade

Below is how you instruct the RoyalQ bot to trade for you:

  • Open your RoyalQ app, select the exchange you want it trade on and click “Quantitative”.
How to set up the RoyalQ bot for trading

It’s worth noting that RoyalQ only supports two cryptocurrency exchanges: Binance and Huobi.

Furthermore, it can only trade on these exchanges if you’ve bonded them to your RoyalQ app via an API, as we did in the last post.

  • When you click “Quantitative,” the USDT balance in your exchange will be displayed below the interface. Use the “search bar” to select the coin you want to trade, let’s say it’s a COMP/USDT pair.
How to set up the RoyalQ bot for trading
  • A COMP/USDT interface will display, click “Trade settings”.
How to set up the RoyalQ bot for trading
  • Instruct the bot on how it should trade for you by inputing your trading strategy.
How to set up the RoyalQ bot for trading
  • When you are done with the setup, click “Save”.
How to set up the RoyalQ bot for trading
  • On the new page, set your “First preset buy-in price” and click “Confirm”.
How to set up the RoyalQ bot for trading
  • All of your trade settings and positions will reflect on the trading pair page, as seen in the screenshot below.
How to set up the RoyalQ bot for trading
  • Next, select either “One-shot” or “Cycle” and then click “Start”.
How to set up the RoyalQ bot for trading


If your margin call limit exceeds 4 times and you have set up your ” “Sub-position mode”, you will need to set up the “Strategy mode” too before clicking “Start”.

So, please do this final setup instead of the former.

  • Tap the “Strategy mode” Icon, a notification will pop up, click “Sub-bin mode-Real-time-settlement”, then “Confirm”. After that click “Start”.

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