Podia Vs Teachable Comparison 2022: See 13+ Differences

Welcome to a side-by-side review of Podia vs Teachable. In this guide, we will learn everything about them and what to look at based on the first-hand usage.


Podia and Teachable, what are they?

Podia and Teachable are online course builders/platforms where educators, trainers, entrepreneurs, and all kinds of experts are given a complete set of tools to create, advertise, manage, and sell their courses.

Having made a comparison on Thinkific, LearnWorlds, LearnDash, and others, we have other popular e-learning platforms such as Udemy, EDX, Coursera, Bitdegree, and more.

However, since we are looking at all-inclusive platforms where course creators are the architects of their lessons, I mean, course hosting platforms that we have almost total control hence, the need to review and compare these two popular course platforms, Podia and Teachable. 

Should you wan to check out the video of how these online course hosts compare, see below, else let’s continue.


Podia Vs Teachable Review 2020

Having tested both Podia and Teachable, I will be giving you a rundown of everything you need to know between them, and why one might be what you need, because, let’s face it.

Both Podia and Teachable are great course platforms but there are reasons why Teachable is more popular and also hated by some, and the same goes for Podia, why it is preferred by a lot of new course creators.

Without further ado, let’s see the individual review of each online course builder.


Teachable Review

Teachable Review 2020

Teachable impressed us with simplicity and their guarantee of allowing course creators to create unlimited courses, video bandwidth, host unlimited students, and coaching on all paid plans.

Also, Teachable offers the strategic course marketing integrations to bring team members together but no live chat support and marketing plans for creators.  

Our Verdict: Reliable course builder/simple for creators.


Teachable Review Summary

  • Free Plan: Yes.
  • Video Hosting: Yes
  • Sell Memberships: Yes
  • Support: Email (Priority for Higher plans)
  • Messaging – No
  • Apps Integration: Yes. 
  • Features: Unlimited bandwidth, Video Hosting, Coaching scheduling, moderate integrations.
  • Hosting Plans Basic, Professional, Business
  • Transaction Fees: Yes
  • Pricing: hosting plan starts at $39/mo or $29/mo paid yearly.
  • Free migrations: No 
  • Free Trial: Yes

Podia Review

Podia Review 2020

Podia offers course builders powerful and a friendly interface to easily sell memberships, downloads, and live chat support on all plans. 

Also, Podia offers beautiful sales pages & storefronts branding, free migration, zero transaction fees with unlimited subscribers, and also responsive support but no free plan.

Our Verdict: best for creators looking for a cheaper Teachable alternative and those selling memberships and downloads.


Podia Review Summary

  • Free Plan: No.
  • Video Hosting: Yes
  • Sell Memberships: Yes
  • Support: 24/7 Live Chat (all plans).
  • Messaging – Yes
  • Apps Integration: Yes.
  • Features: Unmetered bandwidth, Video Hosting, Coaching scheduling, advanced integrations.
  • Hosting Plans Shaker and Mover
  • Transaction Fees: No
  • Pricing: hosting plan starts at $39/mo or $29/mo paid yearly.
  • Free migrations: Yes (with Shaker plan)
  • Free Trial: Yes.


Teachable or Podia: Who wins?

Starting at $39, & $79 for its highest plan, Podia offers the cheapest infrastructures as compared to Teachable whose recommended starter plan is at $119 and $99 if paid yearly. Overall, Podia is best for beginners, selling digital downloads and membership sites, and Teachable is good except for lack of live support & the cost.  


Check out this summary table to quickly compare these two online course hosting providers:


Podia vs Teachable Summary Table

Properties Teachable Podia
Popularity High Medium
Ease of use Very Good Very Good
Free Migration No Yes (with condition)
Third Party Integrations Yes Yes
Video Hosting Yes Yes
Unlimited Students Yes Yes
Unlimited Students Yes Yes
Customer support (users Opinion) C B+
Sell Membership Yes Yes (popular)
Instant support No Yes
Instant Payouts Yes Yes
Pricing Medium/High Medium
Transaction fees Yes, Basic pan No
Free trial Yes (14 days) Yes (14 days)
Conclusion Simple and popular offers decent course building facilities for an online course but limited unless you start with its Professional Paid plan. Intuitive, instant support, and popular for selling digital downloads and memberships, offers many add-on infrastructures to build your online business.
Start a 14-day free trial Start a 14-day free trial

Podia vs Teachable Pricing

Podia vs Teachable Pricing

Both Podia and Teachable pricing plans start at $39. The Podia Mover plan starts at $39 if paid monthly, but you have the option to save up to $78 when paid yearly. With Teachable, you save $42 more if paid yearly. 

Overall, Teachable offers a more reduced plan for its Basic plan but you’ll have to pay transaction fees, and also it lacks many benefits as compared to Podia’s Mover plan at $39/mo.


Prices – Who Offers the Better Deal?

Teachable Packages


Professional Plan

Business plan

$39/mo or $29/yr

$119/mo or $99/yr

$249/mo or $299/yr

Podia Packages



$39/mo or save $78/yr

$79/mo or save $158/yr

Podia vs Teachable Integrations

Podia vs Teachable Integrations

Both Teachable and Podia have a list of exhaustive apps integrations to use and create your courses. For instance, you can integrate both Teachable and Podia with Zapier, track analytics, Facebook Pixel, and more.

In essence, Teachable has more integration as compared to Podia.


Podia vs Teachable Transaction fees

As a fee an online course platform charges course creators, Teachable charges course builders 5% transaction fees for the service of filling an order in its first paid plan – Basic.

But on Podia, you pay no transaction fees.

So, whether you earn $50 or $19,900, you pay nothing on Podia (zero transaction fees) except the general monthly hosting fee unless you subscribed for her yearly plan.


Podia vs Teachable Migrations

Podia offers FREE migration while Teachable does not. With Podia, you get your course, list, and audiences moved to her servers when you pay for the annual pricing plan on Mover plan or monthly on Shaker.


Podia vs Teachable Friendly & Advanced Options

First, Podia offers a friendlier course interface than Teachable.

Both Podia and Teachable offer advanced options, but Podia does the work cheaper with her Shaker paid plan at just $79/mo – complete course builder.

In the same vein, Teachable’s business plan at $299 does the same except you don’t get live chat support and free migration service.

Both course platforms help you build graded quizzes, webinars, unlimited students and courses, membership sites, affiliate, and email integrations, PayPal, and Stripe Payments. 

Overall, you get more advanced options on Podia’s $39 or $79/mo plan than on Teachable’s $39 or $119 monthly plan unless you go with her business plan for more infrastructures at $299/mo or $249 paid yearly.  


Podia vs Teachable Payments and Payouts

Both Podia and Teachable offer timely payouts as you have the option to choose either instant payouts or at the end of 30 days.

Again, both Podia and Teachable offer PayPal and Stripe as payment options for students.


Podia vs Teachable Customer Supports

Teachable has a history of poor customer support with its Basic plan, but with its email support that prioritizes tutors from its Pro and Business plans, you get timely queries answered.

However, Podia offers instant chat and does it friendlier as well with email support (I’ve used both avenues). (Haven’t tested Teachable email support yet).


Podia vs Teachable Similarities

Both Podia and Teachable are great course platforms with almost similar infrastructures, although Podia gives out more free and juicy benefits when you compare their starter plan at $39/mo.

Overall, Teachable will give you an almost advanced course building platform and infrastructures if you with for its Professional plan which starts at $99/mo if paid yearly which even includes advanced properties like course completion certificates for your students.

Also, with Podia’s Shaker plan at $79, you get everything you need to set up your course with live support, free migration, and the ability to design your storefront and pre-introduce the course to students/audiences.


Podia vs Teachable, which to choose?

Podia vs Teachable, which to choose

Having seen so many similarities and differences between Podia and Teachable, the conclusion is, if you want to go with Teachable (as used by 100,000+ creators), then start with its Professional plan at $119/mo or $99 when paid yearly (lacking some advanced infrastructure as compared to the Business paid plan), else, Podia’s Shaker plan at $79 will give you seemingly everything you would have paid for on Teachable’s Business plan.

The good news is that both Teachable and Podia offer their free trials with the best recommended paid plans: the Pro plan for Teachable, and the Shaker paid plan for Podia.

Therefore, at the end of the free 14 days trials, you would have decided on whether you need Teachable Pro, Basic, or the Business plan. Also, you would have decided if Podia’s Shaker plan is the ideal or its Mover paid package.

And lastly, if you settle for Podia, then going with the yearly plan takes the distractions of monthly payments and also, you go on to save over $150 (enough to run ads to your course where affiliates can sign up and promote your products for more sales) – just as how bloggers promoted Pat Flynn course to success.

The same thing goes for Teachable, paying for its Professional plan at $99 for a year instead of $119/mo saves you a ton of money.


Try Teachable for free (Professional plan recommended for 80% facilities – $99 yearly or $119 monthly),

Try Podia for free (Shaker recommended for all facilities – $79 a month or save $158 annually).


Now onto Podia and Teachable individual Review.


Teachable Review

Below are the individual Teachable review and all you have to know. To kick off the review, let’s see its paid plans/prices.


Teachable Pricing and Plans

Teachable pricing and Plans

Teachable plans start at just $39 per month for Basic paid monthly or $29 if paid yearly. It also offers a Professional package at $119 per month or $99 if paid yearly, and the Business plan at $299 per month or $249 if paid yearly.

To start off, here’s a quick summary breakdown of Teachable’s pricing plans:

  • Basic Plan: $39 per month or $29 if paid yearly.
  • Professional Plan: $119 per month or $99 if paid yearly.
  • Business Plan: 299 per month or $249 if paid yearly.


Teachable Pros and Cons

Teachable Pros and Cons

Let’s see some decisive points about Teachable.


Pro:  Simple for Beginners 

Teachable offers absolutely a simple platform for creators to build their online courses. On top of that, you have free access to Teachable library/school with loads of guides to help you scale your business.


Con: No Instant Customer Support

Unless you’re not a fan of instant support like me, but if you do, then the con is, Teachable does not offer this option for creators.

Meaning, should you want to contact them, emailing is your best bet (you get priority response from the Pro paid plan).


Pro: Unlimited facilities

Teachable does well to offer course creators the ability to host unlimited students, courses, video, zero fees on free courses, and more.  


Con: Transaction fees and no free migration

Teachable charges you a fee if you go with its Basic paid plan. Also, there is no room for a free migration service if you want to move from another course platform to her service.

Talking about Teachable transaction fees, I think it’s better not to go with the Basic plan to avoid it, plus it is limited in many aspects.


Pro: Instant Payouts with Flexible Payment Options

These are always the best parts in an online course platform, and those are, the payment options available for your students to enroll and also, receiving your payouts (commissions).  

The good thing is, Teachable has great options for these 2. Your students can enroll using PayPal and Stripe payment gateways, and also, you have the free will to receive your payouts instantly.


Con: High cost for Beginners

Teachable subscription is considerably on the high side for online creators (beginners) who do not have up to $119 to spend per month on its Pro plan which gives the medium facilities to build a reputable online business. However, this is no problem if a tutor can afford it.


Teachable Free Trial          

As a new user, you get to try out teachable for free on the Professional Plan. Upon completion and you subscribe for the same plan, you get zero transaction fees, affiliate integration, and other advanced setup options.

Get Teachable free trial here


Teachable Alternatives and Competitors

Teachable Alternatives and Competitors 2020

Without doubts, the top Teachable alternatives have always been Thinkific, Udemy, and maybe Skillshare, but with more advanced online hosting platforms and players coming in, some of the top Teachable alternatives and competitors in 2020 are Thinkific, LearnWorlds, Gumroad, Podia, WordPress, and LearnDash.


Teachable free plan

Teachable does offer a free plan after your free trial where you can still host your online course.

But as you would guess, the teachable free plan is so limited for anyone that wants students to pay/enroll for an online course. Admittedly, using your WordPress blog and some plugins is better-off.

Nevertheless, if your plan is not to make money, you can still use the teachable free plan after your free trial period.


Teachable Login        

Teachable login is pretty much simple. First, you want to be sure that you’re on the correct website https://teachable.com/ (not a phishing one).

As soon as you’re signed up on Teachable, to log in, all you need is to locate the login URL and sign in to your account and get started.


Teachable App   

Popular and available for the iOS users, according to Teachable, the Teachable App is to serve as a complement to the desktop web app.

Whilst that’s the case, Teachable does recommend that course creators design their course for the desktop, as this is the most robust way to view a Teachable course.

Just to consider its limitation, lectured comments cannot be accessed from within the Teachable iOS app.


Any teachable success stories?

Like other course creators on other platforms, there are a lot of teachable success stories.

For instance, when Pat Flynn hosted his course, with the infrastructure of affiliate marketing available in Teachable Professional or Business plan, he went on to make $169,000 from the launch of his first two online courses.

Just as Teachable made it incredibly easy for him to create high-quality products from scratch, following this path means you already have an audience to promote your course, alternatively, you get affiliates on Reddit, Indie-hackers and personal contacts to promote your course using the integrated affiliate program property.

Ready to go with Teachable as an online course builder?

Get started below to see a prototype of your online school.

➡ Try out Teachable for free

Podia Review

Let’s now see a side-by-side Podia online course builder evaluation and judgment.


Podia Pricing and Plans

Podia pricing and Plans

Podia plans start at just $39 per month for Mover or save $78 when paid yearly. The next hosting plan is the Shaker plan which is $79/mo or save up to $158 when you pay annually.  

To start off, here’s a quick summary breakdown of Podia’s pricing plans:

  • Mover Plan: $39 per month or $390 if paid yearly.
  • Shaker Plan: $79 per month or $778 if paid yearly.


Podia Pros and Cons

Podia Pros and Cons

Just to help you make a better decision, here are a few of the pros and cons of Podia platform.


Pro: Unlimited + Full Control of Students

Podia lets you add and manage an unlimited number of students in your list/school. With it, you can always export your list should you want to look elsewhere – (move your school to another course builder).


Con: Need for more Integrations

While there are several integrations using a third-party app like Zapier, I do think a little bit of integration would make it a super-flexible tool for those that love customizing their projects.


Pro: the Best builder for selling Digital Downloads and Memberships

Podia is not just popular for but is the course builder most especially for those that wish to sell digital downloads and memberships and make money.

With it, recurring income is made possible. Additionally, its Digital download generator makes life simpler for tutors.


Con: Free Migration only for higher paid plans 

Should you want to move your student’s data and school from other online builders, Podia does that for you in their Shaker plan or if you go with the Mover yearly plan. The con is, this should have been available on the Mover monthly plan as well. Or, don’t you think so?


Pro: Instant Support

Podia is popular for offering instant support to customers on any of its paid plans. Additionally, you get email supports.


Con: No Phone Support

Just not to overlook it, Podia does not offer phone support. Just instant chat and email supports, which I think are okay if you ask me.


Pro: Zero Transaction fees

Podia does well to offer a waiver on transaction fees. This entails that whether you earn $500 or $5,000 from your online course, you pay the same low monthly fee or better still, one-time payment if annually. No extra charges.


Podia free trial          

As a new user, you get to try out Podia for free on the Shaker Plan. Upon completion and you subscribe for the same plan, you get zero transaction fees, live chat supports, affiliate integration, and other advanced add-ons to facilitate your business.

Get Podia free trial here


Podia Membership

Podia Membership

Podia membership builder makes it possible for course creators to scale their business.

With the Podia membership site facility, you can capture emails and deepen relationships with your community by sharing content and encouraging engagement in an exclusive, members-only site.

When it comes to Podia’s membership site, you get amazing support to help answer questions and guide you at every turn.

Additionally, with your membership site, recurring income is non-negotiable.


Podia Review Summary

Not just that Podia is super beginner-friendly, offers zero transaction fee nor its free migration service, the point is, Podia has enabled course building facilities to create a recurring income for your hustle starting from its digital storefront that features all of your products (free and paid) in one place.

While Podia lets you start a free trial with the Shaker plan if after the 14 days trial you feel the need for a lesser advanced option, then I recommend you go with the yearly plan of Mover (save $78) which enables you to focus all your energy in building a profitable online course, however, if the Shaker paid plan, then the monthly payment is okay unless you can afford yearly payment (save up to $158).

Kindly note that Podia’s free trial comes with the Shaker plan – for you to get a big bite-size of what you’ll be paying for.

Start your free trial with Podia


Podia Vs Teachable Reviews and Comparisons 2020 – infographic

Podia Vs Teachable Reviews and Comparisons 2020 - infographic review for online creators


Teachable vs Podia Summary

Teachable vs Podia Review Summary

While Teachable and Podia have many tallied course facilities to build your online business (PayPal and Stripe Payments options, instant payouts, ability to sell membership and more), Podia goes out to make many of these options for free and cheaper (no transaction fees, instant chat, add-ons options for her starter plan of Mover which some can be found on Teachable’s Pro plan). 

Take nothing away from it, Teachable is a robust and recommended online course creator with hundreds of thousands of creators.

To make sense of it, its Professional plan starting at $99 if paid yearly or $119 if monthly is recommended if you want to access advanced facilities to build your course to taste and standard.  

On the other hand, if you want many free infrastructures plus instant customer support with less than $80 per month, then I recommend Podia’ Shaker plan to have a complete set of facilities to scale your online course.

All in all, if you want a widely known brand and simple platform, then I recommend Teachable, the Professional Plan is the best bet for a positive result.

However, if you want an intuitive, more advanced options at a cheaper price, popular for selling digital downloads and memberships, then I recommend Podia, the Shaker plan.


Try Teachable

Try Podia


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