VFD Bank: How To Become Vbank Agent And Make Up To N200,000 Per Month

How To Become a Vbanking Agent and make monthly income

Vbank is also a digital bank just like Alat, Kuda Bank, Chipper Cash and others. But Vbank which is tagged as VFD has a lot of functionality which the aforementioned apps lacks.

You have read the title of the article and yes, you heard me right, you can be making more the 500,000 Naira as an agent of this mobile bank every month and I am going to show you how to get this done With screenshot proof.

The lowest level agent on VFD will be eligible to receive N30,000 every month while some agent are receiving more than 2million naira every month, yes you heard me right, it actually depends on how serious you are.

I am glad to have you here today as I am very sure that this will be a complete guide you will ever read on how to become a Vbank agent and secure a pool of monthly income.

I have been sharing a lot of ways to make money online but this is very different and important as you’re not going to be paid per Referral but per month. For example, when you meet all the requirements for a level one agent, you have qualified to be receiving N30,000 every month for a life time.

Don’t panic, i am going to show you all the level we have on Vbank ( VFD ) with the requirements. And i am very sure that this actually worth your time.

If you didn’t have a source of income before, i am glad to have you here as this will serve as a source of steady income for you, if you have a source of income before, guess what? This is the best way to create additional source of income, it’s called PLAN B.

Just grab a chair and any form of relaxation and read this article carefully in order to get everything right and enjoy waiting for monthly alert even at the comfort of your home. It is the sweetest thing you know?

Ok! Don’t let me do ado and forget the main purpose of this article, let me give you brief overview of the VFD Bank.

What Is Vbank (VFD)?

Vbanking which is tagged as VFD Bank is a fully virtual online banking which was recently lunched by some set of people in partnership with microfinance bank institute of Nigeria.

The Vbanking app have a lot of functionality which includes target savings and lots more, this is valid discussion for another class so as to keep this article short and brief.

How To Become a Vbanking Agent.

You might be thinking that this will have a lot of requirements but no, with your smart phone and the steps to be provided in this article, you are good to go.

But please, make sure you follow all the steps outlined in this article so as to avoid any problem in the course of working with Vbank.

Let’s goo!

Below are all you need to become an agent at Vbanking

1. A sponsor Code, your sponsor Code is:  BGCMK

2.  A VFD Mobile app which can be downloaded here.

3. A working Bank account.

3. And just N2,000 to activate your account as an agent.

How To Make Money Being An agent On Vbanking

Here is where the works you have to be doing as an agent will be discussed.

Step 1: Click here to download VFD Mobile app.

Step 2: Open the app and provide all the required information to register.

Step 3: Whenever you are asked for Sponsor Code / Referral Code just Paste this code: BGCMK

Step 4: Now activate your account by funding it with just N2,000 (Two thousands Naira). This N2,000 should be left untouched to keep your account active.

Note: You can register now and activate your account later, then start referring. But make sure you activate your account first before referring.

5. Now that your account is active go to this address: https://agent.vbank.ng/auth/signup and register as an agent. Yes, the journey has begone.

You’re now an agent.

You first target to be on level one is to refer 25 people to download and register on the app, this 25 people can either be an agent or ordinary customer.

Eradicate the thought that you can’t get Referrals from your mind and face the reality, we are talking about monthly income, once you referred 25 people you  eligible to be collecting 30,000 Naira every month. That’s amazing right.

However, browsingtechzone have got you covered on getting Referrals, just click here for detailed information on how to get as much Referrals as possible

ATTENTION!!! Don’t rush through the guide and don’t skip any line as it worth your time, if you have been rushing through it from the beginning, just go back now and read carefully from the beginning to the end in order to get everything about this opportunity.

Now let’s continue

Below is the screenshots of what transpired between I and Annie from Vbanking desk:

How Vbank works
Different levels on VFD
With respective Monthly
How To Maintain Your
Present Level

Thank God I remember, Neglect any rumor that you have yo keep At least N20,000 in your account to be active as an agent. The minimum balance you need to keep your account active as an agent is just N2,000.

Below are different agent levels with their salary:

Agent 1: you must have minimum of 25 active users and agent 1 salary is N30,000.

Agent 2: you must have a minimum of 55 active users and agent 2 salary is N50,000.

Agent 3: you must have a minimum of 75 active users and your salary will be N100,000 at this level.

Agent 4: You must have a minimum of 105 active users and your salary at this level will be N200,000.

Branch 1: You must have a minimum of 750 active users at this level and your salary will be N500,000.

Branch 2: You must have a minimum of  2000 active users and your salary at this level is 1 million Naira and it’s the highest level.

Vbanking Agent At
Level ONE

The picture above clearly show a Vbanking Agent at level 1. It clearly show the next pay day and the target to the next level.

I think you have had the detailed information about the Vbanking and how to become an agent. Now check the listing below.

Vbank agent salary
Over 4Million Naira Paid Out This Month

What You must Know about becoming a  Vbanking Agent

1. You must apply a sponsor Code at the point of registration and the sponsor code to apply at the point of your registration is: BGCMK

2. You account balance should not falls below N2,000 at anytime.

3. Your referrals too must keep their account active bay having minimum of N2,000 on it.

3. If you refer ordinary customer that is not an agent, if he or she have up to 4000 or more on his or her account, he/she has covered another ordinary customer that doesn’t have up to N2,000 in his/her account.

4. To refer an agent, after he/she has activate his/her  account with N2,000, send this link: https://agent.vbank.ng/auth/signup to him/her to register for an agent Account.

5. If you have any question after reading this, drop it in the comment box below and get response immediately.

6. Don’t procrastinate this, just scroll up and follow the instructions to Register and activate your account now and create a pool of monthly income in a single click.

Hope you enjoy reading this take action now and be free from your bill problems.

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