How to Use Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing Platform: How to Signup

P.S: I have detailed the full steps to making money on Expertnaire as an affiliate. This includes selecting a product down to 3 forms of traffic generation using Facebook ads.

If you’ve never succeeded in running Facebook ads, this guide will help you do so. More so, you get to see how to use your mobile phone to run ads. 🔥

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Let’s see a summary below.


#1. Via WhatsApp Pressing Your Phone 

The best way I recommend you get started as a beginner is by using WhatsApp. Why do I recommend WhatsApp?

It is because I don’t want you to spend money now. Just use your mobile phone + WhatsApp YOU HAVE ALREADY and get your first 10-20 sales, and from there on, if you want to invest in paid advertising you to scale it.

Here is how to promote Expertnaire Products using WhatsApp as a beginner 


Step 1. Create a WhatsApp Group.

I believe creating a WhatsApp group is what we all can do. Go to Play or iOS Store and download the App if you don’t have already. Good news? You don’t need to use a Business WhatsApp.

Here is the link to download it – for Android users

Here is the link to download it – for Apple Users.


Step 2. Create an Automated message to add people from other groups/platforms

The function of the automated message is to respond to prospects when once they click on your class link.

Here is a sample of my automated link –

Go to wa.create to create one.


E.g. Let’s say the WhatsApp class was on “How to relocate to Canada with less than N500k”

An example of a fascination you can drop in the group to get people all hyped up is.

E.g. Do you know that there are 3 airlines that give 40% discount on flight tickets if you are going to Canada for a Masters course? On the event happening tomorrow by 7pm on this group, Mr. Ajayi is going to reveal the 3 airlines and how you can take advantage of their 40% discounts.

If interested, click here now to join the class – you drop the link above or you use a tool like TinyURL and shorten it. 

When people click on that link, they will land on your WhatsApp group and join. Alternatively,  you can make them contact you directly, from there you add them to your group.


Step 2b. Build a Landing Page – optional

If you are working with me, I encourage you to use a landing page as a bridge page before you add people to your group.

Like I said, using a landing page is optional mostly if you are using Twitter, WhatsApp TVs, and Telegram group marketing.

But if Facebook ads and groups, Google ads and YouTube, I highly recommend you build one. 


Step 3. Add people to your group – Traffic Sources

This is where you use your unique method to add people to the group, but I have my own I use.

I add people using FREE Traffic. Here is one I shared with my closed mentorship group on Saturday.

Promote Expertnaire Products

When you add people, it’s time to remind them of the class. Here is how you can do it.

P.S: You will get this same traffic source from me when you join Expertnaire via our link. And if you had already joined, check out the 72ig Easy Sales Manual to order.


Here is what I said that made people join.

Most of the time when you go online and search for how to make money online, you will be bombarded by thousands of vague ways.

For us, I know that Nigerians love lazy work or smart WORK so they can go and spend time watching comedy on YouTube, AND SO, this weekend I will share a very SMART way you can earn income without MONEY – by offering a service you do not own.

The requirement is selling an in-demand service. With this, you can create an account on Fiverr or similar sites or do it solo and start offering the service to get paid.

If you are ready to join others and get the hack then join others and stay tuned.


• Mobile Phone – smartphone
• Mobile Data

I am sharing this because the country is so hard. We need angels at this time, and I am ready to be one.

Date: Friday 17th Sept 2021

P.S – no need to leave your contacts. Just join below and get started.

>> – this was the landing page I used.

As they clicked the link above, they were taken to the WhatsApp Lesson room I had created.


Here is another sample I used today.

Do you remember the Sagem phones?

Back in 2006, my brother owned one of them – the Sagem X4.

That was the best phone in my entire family as at then.

It was around this time that “wonder banks” became popular.

If you don’t know “wonder banks,” they were another version of wrong investment programs designed to cart away the funds of greedy and ignorant people.

Unfortunately, I was greedy and ignorant too as at then.

 I thought I could actually make a lot of money without putting in any effort.

When the wonder banks promised that one could make back about 20X of your money just by investing your money with them for about 30 days, I fell for it.

 So, I invested my entire school fees in the said program.

I also convinced my brother that we would make a lot more money by selling his Sagem phone and investing in the program.

So, he sold his phone and we invested it.

 Till today, we are still yet to get back N1 from the said program.

 Anytime I try something that does not work, I make sure I learnt from it.

 That was the last time I tried any unreasonable money multiplication program.

 Instead, I focused on something proven to change my financial life.

 I focused on learning how to sell.

 And that ONE skill is what changed my life forever.

 2021 is almost over and as you can see; the Nigerian economy isn’t getting any better.

 But like I will teach in my “Online Business Class tonight”, tigers starve last in the jungle.

 Even though the economy is worse than ever, some people are still prospering and making bank every day.

 If you don’t know how to sell, one of the things you should decide to do is to start learning how to sell.

 If you don’t start, 2021 will also soon be over.

 How can you start learning how to sell?

Join us today in our “Online Class Tonight on Affiliate Marketing” and see the incredible ways young people are making money on the internet pressing their phone. It’s a N230K before December 25th Challenge – Batch D.

Time: 8pm

Success. – this was the landing page I used.


Note: you have many of these templates you can use in the 72ig Easy Sales Manual. Also, I will design a landing page for you like the one you’ve seen above. More so, there are other landing page samples in the resource should you want to do it on your own.


Step 4. Remind them a Few Days and Hours to the Event

The best way is by using Fascinations + Reminders

Like what I did here: Do you know there is a WhatsApp sales script that gets you 1- 5 sales within the first 24 hours of signing up as an affiliate on Expertnaire? This script is what I used to make my first N72k on Expertnaire. I will expose this sales script during the class holding in this group by 7pm tomorrow. Don’t miss out.

Class: 8pm.


Step 5. Hold the class.

Hold the class based on what you promised the prospects.

For me, I promote 2 Expertnaire prospects as seen in the video I linked. A travel and Make Money Online product.

And for these 2 products, I have my WhatsApp class templates – where everything I will say in the class is already there.

You can sit down and do a little research before going on with it. However, if you signed up to the 72ig program via my link you get this ALL for free.

Some of us might ask. What if I already joined? Well, you can still get it if interested. 


Step 6. Show Earning Proofs or results of products

When you hold the class, you have to show people that this has worked for you. And what if you are a beginner? You can showcase other’s testimonies as well.

How can you get these earning proofs?

Check out the vendor’s page + your Expertnaire Dashboard. Or if you’re promoting the same “Make Money Online Product” go here to check out 17+ Expertnaire Testimonies.


Step 7. Make Sales.

Let’s say you invited 150 people to your WhatsApp group and after the class 5-10 persons went ahead to order the digital product you promoted, you would have made some money to start Facebook ads, or replicate the process again.

There are other things you want to do which I have stated in the 72ig Easy Sales Manual. Let’s go on.


Step 8. Close the group.

After following up on your prospects for 7-10 days, you can close the group or remove them for another Batch.

That’s how to make money with Expertnaire via the 72ig program without spending a dime on Ads.


Currently, I am holding a Batch D class which is 8pm Tonight. So far, 70+ persons are in the group. See below.

list of products on expertnaire


Over to you.

If you are yet to join Expertnaire – the best way I recommend to join is via the 72ig program which gives you an automatic membership and so much more you can find here.


Do you want to work with me to succeed on

  • Yes, after you sign up via the 72ig program using our link
  • You Go through the program.
  • I send you the 72ig Easy Sales Manual that complements the program
  • Then you come along we implement the process together. 😊

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Get the 72ig Easy Sales Manual – if already joined.

If you already joined Expertnaire and you want the Resources + Templates for the WhatsApp classes, you can get it for a token of N7,000 only and not N15,000 anymore.

Here is the part of the folder you can download and get started ASAP.

How to Use Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing Platform: How to Signup


The value is more than N7,000 but I understand the economy.


Alternatively, if you do not have the funds to get the manual or join the 72ig program via our link, you can use the above method and get started and make money – because that’s the aim of joining the Expertnaire affiliate marketplace, right? Yeah. 


Other’s ways to promote products on Expertnaire and make money.


👉 Check out the Resource here.


Let’s now check out method 2.


#2. Promote products using Facebook Advertising

In summary, Facebook ads are paid messages that businesses place on Facebook.

As a newbie, you can go to Facebook and create a page and use paid ads.

A paid ad lets you target a particular demographic, and you can be as specific or as broad as you’d like.

Facebook ad campaigns are available in a variety of formats, and the best news is that you also get to specify how much you want to spend, including “the overall amount”.

Best news? FB advertising is taught deeply in the 72ig program.

If you want to in-depth guide, check it out here + PDF.


#3. Twitter 

If you are popular on Twitter, you can use Twitter and make money. That is by driving organic traffic to your WhatsApp class and from there you close a sale – using the WhatsApp template we’ve talked about up there.  

I don’t know much about this and so do not want to spend time studying how to do it, that is why I can’t tell you much about it.

The thing is, you can use the 3rd recommendation below or use the Twitter Traffic Blueprint as it is included in the 72ig program you can download and use for free.


Good news?

 I got a presale copy you can use on Twitter. Here is it.

It’s never too late to join detty December geng, cos I just discovered how you can really make up to 250k a month

If you’d like to know how, just RT and check thread 👇👇👇

Yeah, I know you must have been hearing affiliate marketing but you’re doubting it right?

People wey no doubt don dey cash out, no be doubt go detty your DecembeR 🌝

Take action now, by using link below 👇👇👇 to join the FREE Class

>Leave your WhatsApp group Link or Lending page link here<<


#4. Use Twitter Influencers

Get in contact with Twitter influencers and get your WhatsApp class or promotion done.

Recently, I wanted to try out Twitter influencers and so I got some promo rates. Here is one of them.

Promoting Expertnaire Products

Again, if you need some Twitter influencer’s traffic source checklist, see the Easy Sales Manual.


#5. Use WhatsApp TVs

You can also use WhatsApp TVs to promote products on Expertnaire by driving traffic to your WhatsApp class.

To get a list of them check out  72ig WhatsApp page.

Promote Expertnaire Products with whatsapp


#6. Use Telegram Rooms  

There are a series of Telegram rooms you can use and promote your Expertnaire products or class and make money.

I actually know of 2 you can use.

So, if interested, you can comment below.


P.S: I am always here to guide you to make money with Expertnaire, because if you invest or start an online business and you don’t’ make money, then what do we gain? The purpose would have been defeated, right? Yeah.


All in all, you don’t need the 72ig Easy Sales Resource with WhatsApp Class Templates if you can sit down and draft a winning WhatsApp class template.

But if you gat no time, you can order it below.

➡️ Check the WhatsApp Class Manual


P.S: You get the Sales Manual for FREE when you join Expertnaire via the 72ig program with our link – which complements the program. 




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