Kartra Review [2022]: Most In-Depth Tool BreakDown

Here’s my in-depth and unbiased Kartra review and every tiny little detail you should know before committing to the platform.

Usually, an average marketer will have different websites and several third party software integrated together for the SOLE purpose of making more SALES!

These can include different auto-responder for email marketing, email list, website builders for landing pages, Helpdesk software for interacting with customers and several other tools.

The list is just endless…

However, now imagine having access to all these third party tools needed to enhance your marketing inside one platform!

I mean, without having to pay extra fee for:

  • Website Hosting
  • Email Autoresponder
  • Drag and Drop landing page software
  • Video Hosting
  • Affiliate Management system
  • Payment Gateways
  • Membership site
  • And much more!

This is basically the most comprehensive all-in-one platform out there for any marketer that wants to scale his/her online business to the next level.

And this is exactly what the Kartra platform is all about!

Kartra solves the problem of cost, time, technical know-how and the stress of jumping from one software to another by integrating everything into one single platform.

I mean, you don’t have to take my word for it!

See what are people and actual users are already saying about Kartra…

kartra testimonies

To be honest, I think these guys (Kartra) are actually offering a lot more than what they are charging for access to the software!

Because seriously, if you are to pay for all these separately, you’re going to be paying a lot of money! However, with Kartra it starts at $99.

Now, let’s take an inside look at this and see if it’s what your time and investment before taking any action.

Kartra Review: The Inside looks

This is basically what I’ll be covering in this review, an overview and inside look of the platform and things to expect as a user.

So let’s get started!

  • What is Kartra
  • Overview of Kartra
  • Kartra Review and Features
  • Who is Kartra For?
  • Kartra Pricing & Discounts
  • Pros and Cons of Kartra
  • Kartra FAQs
  • Kartra Alternatives
  • Final Thoughts on Kartra Review

Let’s dig in shall we?

What is Kartra?

By now, you must have at least; have an understanding of what Kartra stands for or represent. If you don’t, Kartra is an easy to use all-in-one platform for people or anyone that wants to sell any kind of products online.

This includes digital and physical product and every other tool needed to turn your product to CASH!

Name it! Is it:

  • Sales Funnels
  • Email Swipes
  • Done for You Funnels
  • HelpDesk
  • Autoresponder
  • Member sites
  • Webinars
  • Video hosting
  • Marketing template
  • Payment gateway etc.?

All the things you’ll ever need to run a successful marketing campaign is all integrated together inside one platform called KARTRA!

With this, I think it’s safe to call Kartra the marketing brainbox for digital marketing.

Not to mention the tons of training that will be made available to users by Frank Kern!

Oh yeah! Frank Kern.

Perhaps you don’t know who Frank Kern is?

If you don’t, I’ll suggest you do a quick Google search of the name and see what follows!

Frank Kern is one of the BIG-TIME marketers in the whole wide world with a huge reputation behind him.

You’ll be given access to his training as part of people using Kartra at no additional cost to your subscription fee.

Overview of Kartra

Allow me to bore you a little with the history behind the inception of Kartra and how it came to be.

This wonderful platform was actually created by Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins, two well-known internet marketers in 2018.

These are the same guys behind the popular webinar software; WebinarJam and EverWebinar which was founded under the same company as Kartra. (Genesis Digital LLC)

Since Kartra inception, this platform has provided success to thousands of people and business worldwide. Giving each business owners the ability to create, launch, scale and monitor their online business inside one platform without paying an additional fee.

Kartra Features

That been said, let’s now take an inside look at Kartra features and what to expect as one of the people or users of the platform.

Immediately you logged into your account, you’ll be welcome with done-for-you campaigns and the Kratraverse training portal.

kartra dashboard

The training portal includes detailed video tutorial on how to use the platform and to familiarize yourself with the features on the platform.

To the left area of the dashboard are the actual features of Kartra and the things you want to do can be done clicking them one at a time.

While to the right is a small ticket like a banner that indicates your progress on the platform, from creating your first list to setting up your page etc.

Basically, all the things you need can be found on the left side of the platform and they include the following:

  • Products
  • Communication
  • Pages
  • Forms
  • Memberships
  • Videos
  • Calendars
  • HelpDesk
  • Campaign
  • Integration
  • Agency
  • Affiliate management

These are all the major features integrated together to create the whole platform called Kartra.

I’ll handle each of the features one at a time so you can see how each of works. And how they can help and impact your online business.

Try Kartra for $1

#1: My Products

kartra product

This feature allows you to set up a product page for either digital or physical product with Upsell and Downsell to maximize your profits.

You’ll also be able to integrate payment gateway for secured checkout of your customers and also have affiliate marketers promote your product and drive sales for you.

#2: My Communication


This covers the communication aspect of your business. From here, you’ll be able to create your list, distinguished the paying customer from prospective customers.

You’ll also be able to set up your email marketing campaign as well as your auto-responder for your new leads.

#3: My Pages

Kartra is also page builder that lets you easily design page from your Kartra account using the drag and drop feature. You can easily create any page to take orders or capture email of potential buyers.

All Kartra page are 100% optimized for all types of screen size: Laptop, desktop, mobile devices or even tablets.

This feature also allows you to create a split test with your page by rotating different version of them to monitor the one that pulls the higher conversion rate.

split testing your page

Finally, they all come with the analytic tool to track every bit of action going on your website!

#4: My Forms

kartra lead capture forms

This is a lead capture form feature that lets you create a variety of form with different field based on what you want from your customers.

Way too awesome to be ignored.

You can choose from several of templates on Kartra that fit your own design and also have them confirm their subscription if you want.

If you have an existing WordPress site, you can easily integrate or embed your Kartra form to your WordPress or your Kartra pages.

#5: My Membership

Kartra also makes it easy to create a membership website for your prospect and give them access based on their levels.

Every user will be able to see their membership plan and all levels they have access to base on their subscription plan.

It also comes with an easily integrated payment gateway to accept payment from your customers seamlessly if they want to upgrade their current plan.

#6: My Videos

kartra video hosting

The video hosting features on Kartra is one of the latest. It gives you access to a clean and sleek way to showcase your video to your customer.

We all know embedding YouTube videos on your website will still show links to YouTube which can be distracting to your potential customers.

But with Kartra video hosting feature, you don’t have to worry about that.  This video feature gives you the ability to do all the cool stuff like:

  • Tagging your viewers based on how far they’ve watched
  • Pop-up to collect emails in the middle of the video
  • Optimized for all kinds of device
  • Easily create a video playlist
  • And finally, detailed analytic

#7: My Calendar

schedule private calender

If you are a consultant, then Kartra can also automatically handles your appointment for you either paid or free appointment.

This feature lets you have a branded calendar with your brand logo on it for scheduling live sessions with your customers.

You can define your available free times and days so your registrants can choose their preferred date and time slot.

The calendar also notifies both parties about the appointment so no one forget about the appointment.

Finally, it comes with a centralized dashboard where you can view, cancel or reschedule classes or session with your clients.

#8: My HelpDesk

This feature is a built-in system that allows you to create helpdesk support for your customers.

You can easily handle customer’s complaint; provide billing support, technical issue and other pressing issues from your customers.

With the Helpdesk feature, you can easily do the following:

  • Assigned tickets among helpdesk team members
  • You can also predefine canned answer for most common question for people using your products or services
  • FAQ: create an archive of articles to help customers find answers to their problem before reaching the ticket system
  • You can also issue cancellation and refund from your Helpdesk system

#9: My Campaign

This is actually the most vital aspect of Kartra because everything on Kartra is entwined together to give you a full pledge marketing campaign.

It includes the full setup of sales funnels from opt-in to checkout and also upsell and downsell.

This feature actually comes in two forms. The first is creating your campaign from scratch while the second is using the preloaded “done-for-you campaigns on Kartra.

kartra campaign

Let’s take a look at the DONE FOR YOU campaigns:

 I: Lead Magnet Campaign

The lead magnet campaign is designed to turn your website traffic to leads in your marketing campaign.

Once you turn your traffic to leads in exchange for things you offer on your website, these leads then begin to walk through your marketing sequence.

They will be directed to your sales page and also to an upsell page when they buy the initial product.

II: Product Lunch Campaign

The “done-for-you campaigns” product launch is a more robust campaign that turn cold traffic into lead. After that, it then walks them through a 3Days educational sequence about your product.

The 4th-day sequence will be about your product launch with a 24hr countdown timer and two other emails will be sent after that.

The first will be a reminder email of 12hours left to the takedown of your product. The second one will be a 1-hour reminder to the takedown of the product.

Every lead that takes action and purchases the product will be unsubscribed automatically from the sequence.

They will then be sent credentials to log in to the membership area or access to the products.

However, for those that did not take action but visit the sales page, they will be redirected to the “you-missed-it-page”.

If they didn’t take action still, then to the first opt-in page to start the sequence again.

It then goes on and on till you convert every bit of your emails to an actual buyer of your product.

III: Membership System Campaign

This campaign is designed to drive traffic and sale to a membership product. It works by driving your traffic to an opt-in page.

Your traffic then opt-in in exchange for a lead magnet you’re offering. After this, they will be walked through a series of email sequence.

This sequence will first make sure they get their free gift before sending then to the video sales letter page.

Once they convert they’ll be redirected to your thank you page and their login credentials will be sent to their email automatically.

You can then upsell them in the membership area to upgrade their account if you want.

IV: Consulting Campaign

The consulting campaign is a simple campaign that sends cold traffic to a reservation page to watch a presentation. They opt-in to your list automatically when they registered.

The list then redirects them to watch the presentation. Based on how long they watch the presentation, they will be added to a reminder sequence with limited time to book a consultation call.

For those that book the consultation, they will be added to the calendar and redirected to the thank you page.

V: Free Membership

This is a simple membership campaign that is designed to drive traffic to your membership area. You don’t need to offer a lead magnet with this as the membership area has its own opt-in page.

It includes a video opt-in page where you can educate the prospect about what to expect with your membership platform.

Once they register, they will be given access to the free level automatically. You can then tease them to upgrade to gain access to the paid level.

You can do this by offering valuable content that’s only available in the paid level.

VI: Masterclass Campaign

The masterclass campaign is very similar to a webinar.

What it does is that it drives your cold traffic to a registration page whereby they register for a presentation. After that, add them to a reminder list.

The reminder leads them to the video presentation. At the end of the present, a call to action button pops up underneath the video to take action.

For those that did not watch to the end, they are redirected to watch the presentation again. This is done until they watch to the end when the call to action button pops up.

Those that take action will be lead to the check-out page to buy your product. Those that didn’t buy immediately will be reminded often and lead back to the check-out page till they buy.

VII: eShop Campaign

kartra eshop campaign

The eShop campaign is designed for selling eCommerce physical products. This done for you marketing campaign comes with multiple product catalogues.

Every customer that visits your product catalogue will be directed to the order page and a upsell page.

Following the steps will automatically enter your customer into a 5Days email sequence designed to make then buy another product.

For those that abandoned their product on the order page, they will enter a 4Days email sequence designed to send them back to the order page.

VIII: Frank Kern’s Book Campaign

Frank Kern’s book campaign is a really simple campaign that drives traffic to a sales page. For those that buy your product, they will be upsold with two additional products.

IX: 4Days Cash Machine

The 4Days cash machine is best for exiting list of subscribers. What it does is that it sends a 4 days sequence email to your list about a new promo you’re running.

This comes with a timer and a massive discount that will lure them to take action quickly.

X: Quick Launch Campaign

The quick launch campaign is similar to the product launch campaign. This one drives your traffic to an opt-in page then walk them through 3days educational sequence about your product.

Once they buy they’re automatically remove from the sequence and if they don’t they will be walked through another 3days email sequence.

The email sequence will be more aggressive than the first one with a count-down timer to make the purchase quickly.

XI: List Builder Sales Campaign

This campaign drives traffic to an opt-in page, thank you page then walks your prospect through a 3days email sequence.

All emails are designed to send them to your website and once they convert the campaign stop or add them to another one.

XII: Simple List Builder

Just like the name, it’s a really simple list builder campaign designed to collect email. It collects emails and sends them to your website through the 3days campaign sequence.

#10: My Integration

kartra integration

The Kartra platform also comes loaded with various integrated software to make your work easy without having to leave the platform to another.

From your Kartra account, you can easily integrate a different payment gateway of your choice, email platform, SMS, Hub and membership platform.

Below are the lists of their integration based on their marketing platform:

#1: Payment Processors

Kartra support 4 of the most popular payment gateways in the world and they include:

  • Authorize.net
  • PayPal
  • Braintree
  • Stripe

Mind you, all these are done with just a few clicks of a button and your payment gateways are ready to receive cash!

#2: Email Marketing

Other than Kartra email marketing system you can integrate with any of this third party email service providers with API keys integration:

  • ElasticEmail
  • MailGun
  • Postmark
  • SendGrid
  • KartraMail

#3: Membership Site

If you want to integrate with other membership platforms or site other than the one available on Kartra you can use one of the following:

  • Kajabi
  • aMember
  • DAP (Digital Access Pass)
  • OptimizePress
  • Wishlist
  • S2Member

#4: SMS Platform

This integration allows you to connect your SMS platform with your Kartra account to work seamlessly for your product or service promotion.

SMS Integration available on Kartra Includes:

Other Integration includes:

#11: My Agency

The Kartra agency feature allows you to manage multiple accounts for clients if you’re a marketing consultant.

This feature allows you to brand yourself as a pro in your field. Every mail you sent on behalf of your client will have your brand embedded on it.

You can also send reports of Clients Account to them without having to log in to their account or let them co-manage their account if they want.

If you are a marketing Pro, the Kartra agency system is going to be of greater value to you as it offers you a clean way to make money as a marketing wizard.

#12: Kartra Affiliate Center

kartra affiliate center

You should also know that Kartra offers each of their users the ability to incentivize marketers to promote their products as an affiliate.

This means you can have legions of promoters generating leads and sales for your online business as an affiliate based on your stipulated commission.

This is quite interesting because you don’t have to pay your affiliate until you make money. Unlike paying for adverts which are not likely to convert.

But for your affiliates, you only pay them when they’ve successfully sold your product. And Kartra has a huge marketplace where you can list your products for affiliates to promote.

As part of the affiliate system, you can decide to approve or decline affiliate you don’t want promoting your products.

Try Kartra for $1

Who is Kartra For?

Well, I might as well tell you that Kartra isn’t meant for everybody. Only for those that know what they want and how to get it.

If you happened to fall within these set of people then I’ll recommend you TRY Kartra for 14Days with JUST $1

  • For those that are obsessed with collecting emails and sales for their business
  • If you want all your marketing tools inside one software
  • You need access to an ADVANCED copywriting tool that convert like crazy
  • If you want 100% deliverability of all your sent emails
  • Having little experience with sales funnels and you want what’s working
  • You want a done for you marketing campaign
  • Want other marketers to promote your products
  • Need to be mentored by first-class digital marketer etc.

Basically, if you don’t want developers building sites for you and you don’t want tons of heavy plugins installed on your websites…

Then you’ll need to get onboard with Kartra!

Or perhaps you need one of the following, or everything incorporated inside one platform…

I mean the list below:

  • Auto-responder, Email marketing campaign platform
  • Sales funnel platform
  • Website, Page builder software (e.g landing pages, squeeze, sales pages, thank you pages, product launch pages, checkout pages, video sales letter pages, and more)
  • Split testing and link tracking software
  • Online form builders
  • Calendar and appointment scheduling software
  • Shopping carts
  • Advanced marketing video hosting system
  • Membership portal builders
  • Helpdesk ticketing systems, including live chat
  • Affiliate management system
  • Campaign analytics platform
  • Custom programing to seamlessly integrates all of the above
  • Graphic designers etc.

If you happened to need any of the above then Kartra is just the right thing for you.

Try Kartra for $1

How Much Does Kartra Cost Per Month? (Pricing Plan & Discount)

kartra pricing plan

Kartra pricing has 4 major plans and 5 in total. The first 2 is popular for smaller businesses while the fifth is their Enterprise plan for large scale business.

I’ll compare the entire plan so you can see the differences in each plan and choose the best one to start your online business with.

However, you should also know that you can get a $1 trial for 14Days for any of the Kartra pricing plan you want to activate for your online business.

Or if you preferred the 30days free trial then see how to do it HERE!

Now, let’s compare the pricing plans:

#1: The Starter Plan ($99 Per month)

The Kartra starter plan will give you access to the following:

  • Acquire up to 2,500 emails
  • Can connect 1 custom domain
  • Send 15,000 emails /month
  • Access to 50 GB bandwidth
  • You can also host up to 50 web-page from your account
  • Ability to sell up to 5 products from your account
  • Limited to a single site
  • You can only add 1 additional team member to your team
  • Connect 1 helpdesk
Starter Plan Discount

You’ll get 25% discount which will drop it to $79/month if you choose pay per year and save a total of $240/year.

#2: Silver Plan ($199 Per month)

The silver plan being the second popular plan will give you access to the following:

  • This plan limits you to 12,500 Leads
  • Then allow you to connect up to 3 custom domains
  • Send up to 125,000 emails /month
  • Access to 125 GB bandwidth
  • Create unlimited pages
  • Sell unlimited products
  • Build unlimited membership sites
  • Add unlimited team members
  • Connect unlimited helpdesk
Silver Plan Discount

This plan saves you a Whooping $600/year and reduces the monthly sub to $149/month if you opt-in for the annual billing.

#3: Gold Plan ($299 per month)

This plan increases your emails, bandwidth, pages, domain and a few other stuffs:

  • You can have up to 25,000 emails
  • Connect up to 5 custom domains
  • Send 250,000 emails /month
  • Access to 250 GB bandwidth
  • Create unlimited pages
  • Sell unlimited products
  • Build unlimited membership sites
  • Add unlimited team members
  • Connect unlimited helpdesk
Gold Plan Discount

The gold plan discount saves you $840 a year and reduces your monthly sub to $229 if you opt-in for the annual billing.

#4: Platinum Plan ($499per month)

Want to go for the Kartra platinum pricing plan? Then here’s is what to expect:

  • Acquire up to 50,000 emails
  • Connect up to 10 custom domains
  • Send 500,000 emails /month
  • Access 400 GB bandwidth
  • Create unlimited pages
  • Sell unlimited products
  • Build unlimited membership sites
  • Add unlimited team members
  • Connect unlimited helpdesks
Platinum Plan Discount

The platinum plan discount saves you a Whooping $1440 a year and reduces the monthly sub to $379 per month for the annual billing.

Finally, as part of the Kartra review, you should know all plan comes with a 30Days guarantee if you want a refund.

Try Kartra for $1

Kartra Review – Pros & Cons

Truth be told, there’s no all GOOD product! There will always be a good and bad side to everything. You just need to know if the good outweighs the bad.

So, as part of the review, I’ll be listing the good and bad sides to Karta software.

Pros of Kartra

  • 30Days Money-back Guarantee

Kartra money-back guarantee gives you the confidence to save purchase! If for one reason or the other you want your refund, all you need do is send a message to support@kartra.com for a refund.

But it has to be within 30Days of your purchase or read their billing policies for more understanding about this.

  • Explanatory video for onboarding
  • Done for you marketing system
  • Live Chat/Great Support
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate system to promote your product
  • Valuable courses

Con of Kartra

  • Support for live chat not always available
  • Doesn’t have an inbuilt webinar platform but can integrate

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use My Domain Name with Kartra?

Absolutely! Kartra allows you to use any of your domain names for your pages. All you have to do is point them to Kartra page from your Cpanel.

How Secure is Kartra?

Highly Secured! All data stored in your account – including the personal information you collect about your leads and customers, is protected by multiple firewalls and Cloudflare security.

Can Kartra Connect with WordPress?

Yes, You Can! If you already have a WordPress site and you want to connect it with WordPress, it absolutely doable! You just need to login to your WordPress dashboard and go to the plugin area then search for “Blank Slate” plugin. Install and activate then follow the provided procedure.

Can I Cancel my Kartra Plan At Any Time?

Absolutely! To do this, simply head over to the billing portal from your Kartra account and cancel your plan whenever you want to.

Do I Need Coding Skills?

Not at all! Kartra’s simple drag-and-drop interface wizards let you do all things without any code whatsoever. Anyone, regardless of experience, can easily build a complete online business presence in just a few hours with no coding required.

Kartra Alternatives

Probably you’re wondering if there’s a better alternative to Katra out there, well, there’s an alternative but not totally better.

There are different Kartra alternatives based on their areas of speciality, like course platforms, Email marketing, Page builder, video hosting etc. Kartra is an all-in-one platform, which gives it an edge over other platforms.

However, prominent amongst these alternatives platforms include:

Clickfunnels is an online sales funnel builder and a page builder designed to people sell, market, and deliver products online with ease.

It provides users with funnels options and template that have been pre-built for specific product service or business.

ClickFunnels incorporates all major elements needed to create a practical and functional sales funnel.

Unlike other traditional funnels where you have to choose a website hosting and also deal with email autoresponders and landing page separately.

I’ve written a well-detailed comparison post between Clickfunnels and Kartra you can as we check it out!

>Clickfunnels vs Kartra<<

Builderall is a great marketing platform that provides beginner-friendly tools, Internet marketing training and sales funnel builders.

This online marketing tool was designed to help online business increase sales and conversions. It can help you create an attractive and creative website that will drive more customers.

However, you do need to take time into tweaking around the dashboard because it can be a little overwhelming and hectic if you’re mostly new to the platform.

Builderall happens to be a quantity software while Kartra comes in as a quality software when compared to each other.

I’ve also written a well-detailed post as regards the two software you can as well check it out too.

>Builderall vs Kartra

Teachable is a learning management system for instructors, teachers and various kinds of individual that want to sell their course online.

They started way back in 2014 and have helped hundreds of thousands of individuals sell their course online successfully.

Their main goal is to make it hassle-free for any individual to monetize their skills and hobbies while helping people in the process.

Teachable focus primarily on course creation and this happens to be one of the features on Kartra with even a reasonable price.

In case you want to check the two platform compared, you can check it out below!

>>Teachable vs Kartra<<

Final Thoughts

Personally, I believe Kartra is one easy to use and powerful platform designed for profit-oriented marketers. All the things you need from scratch to finish is made available inside one platform.

Are you a complete beginner with no marketing experience or whatsoever, Kartra is exactly made for you.

And if you are the marketing pro, all the thingsF you need to scale your business is made available plus the agency system at your beck and call.

You totally have nothing to lose!

There’s a 30Days money-back guarantee plus 14Days free trial for just a dollar!

Perfect for testing waters and you have nothing to lose if it’s not up to your expectation.

So, that’s it on today’s review on Kartra let me know what you think about it using the comment section.

Try Kartra for $1

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