Pocket App Bonus – How To Get Up To N10,000 For Free On PocketApp By Piggyvest

Pocket app bonus

You remembered ahbeg app? It has been renamed to pocket app after being aquire by Piggyvest and in this guide, I am going to provide you with all you need to know about the latest pocket app bonus and how to get up to N10,000 for free on the app.

In the time of ahbeg, browsingtechzone run a referral program with it’s user, which gives both the referral and the referee, the opportunity to get a whooping sum of 500 naira for free. Did I just say a whooping sum? Lol!

Today, I will be revealing how to get free bonus from pocket app and with this method, you don’t even need to refer anyone nor take any stressful action than to open the app and login or  create an account if you’re new to the app.

About pocket app

Pocket app is the new dimension of abeg app, it’s formerly known as ‘Abeg’.and the app allows you to Buy. Sell. Pay & Get Paid.

Over the past year, the product has evolved into a full social commerce app with payments embedded, giving you everything you need to SHOP, SELL, PAY and GET PAID with ease in Nigeria.

Features of pocket app by Piggyvest

Having provide you with the brief overview on the pocket app, I will go straight to outlining the features that can be found on the app and detailed overview on all you gats to enjoy with each feature.

Providing you with this will allow you to fully understand how the app works and especially know other things you can use the app for, outside getting bonus.


As a seller, you can now create shops to sell your products online for free with the use of the pocket app shop feature.

You can create a Pocket shop by importing items directly from your Instagram. The best part is that you pay 0% commission on sales. You can also open multiple shops and add your staff to manage orders.


This is another feature on the app and this feature allows you to shop (buy) with confidence. It eliminates the fear of getting scammed by online vendors. With this feature, you will only pay when you’ve received your order. As a seller, it guarantees that you get your money when you deliver.

Negotiable products

This is particularly useful for people who want to sell off their used household items, clothes, shoes, bags, gadgets, etc. You can now make the price of any item you’re selling negotiable.


The app provides you with the opportunity to transfer money to your bank. You can now transfer money to any bank account in Nigeria using the Pocket App. However, transferring money from your Pocket to another person’s Pocket (P2P) is incredibly fast and never fails.

Get paid

The app provides you with the opportunity to get a customised account number for your business when you open a Pocket shop. When you receive funds in your Pocket from your customers or friends, you’ll get an instant notification and update to your timeline.


This feature allows you as a seller to promote your products or services for a wider reach and as a buyer, this allows you to find anything you’re looking for with ease. (Tip: Follow all the markets you’re interested in for updates)


How to claim pocket app bonus

Pocket app bonus – How to claim your free cash of up to N10,000 on pocketapp

Having understand how the app works, I will reveal to you in this section, how to claim free bonus on the app without referring anyone. The app doesn’t even have a referral program as at the moment of writing this guide.

Steps to claim pocket app bonus

Simply click here to download the pocket app from Google play store, install the app and open it. Login to your account if you have registered on the app before. Create account if you’re new to the app.

Make sure your account is verified if you an old User, verify your account if you’re a new user. Having verify your account, locate find friends button in the marketplace area of the app homepage. Click on the connect now button as shown on the image above.

Click on show my friends on the page that follows. All the app to scan through your contacts and fetch the list of your contacts that are verified user on the pocket app.

Upon the completion of teg process, you will be rewarded with a cash prize, according to the number of verified friends found on your list.

Who is qualify for pocket app bonus

That’s a very good question, the campaign have minimum number of friends required and for you to be eligible to get any bonus on the app, minimum of 50 verify friends must be found on your list.

Pocket app bonus receipt

When I claimed my own pocket app bonus,  693 verified friends were found and I got a whooping sum of N6,930. Below shows the screenshot of the receipt.

Proof of pocket app bonus

Pocket app bonus withdrawal

The bonus can be withdrawn to your bank account immediately and all Banks in Nigeria are accepted.

Conclusion: Above is all you need to know about the pocket app and how to claim free pocket app bonus downloading the app. Having gotten all the information on how to claim your free bonus, it’s time to go an claim it now!

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