Podbean vs Buzzsprout, Blubrry Vs Podbean, and Blubrry vs Buzzsprout Comparison 2021

You need a new podcast hosting site? If yes, have you considered the best free podcast hosting services?  Yes or no? If yes, but which should you choose is what you might be asking now.

In this post, we’ve taken a look at three of the best podcast hosting sites on the market and pinpointed their key differences.

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re evaluating your current options, this detailed comparison of Podbean vs Buzzsprout, Blubrry Vs Podbean, and Blubrry vs Buzzsprout to will help make an informed decision.

We’re kicking off with Buzzsprout, then we’ll move on to Podbean and Blubrry. You’ll find a comparison and overall verdict at the end of the post.

Podcast Hosting Platforms Comparison

Podcast Hosting Platforms Comparison

We will start with Buzzsprout, but kindly note that positioning has nothing to do with their recommendation. Why this?

Because we’ve taken all the time to analyze each of them so you might love Podbean over Buzzsprout which stands first, the same with Blubrry. Also, later on you’ll get the comprehensive podcast hosting platforms comparison.

1. Buzzsprout Podcast Platform

Buzzsprout Podcast Hosting Services

Buzzsprout was co-founded by Kevin Finn & Tom Rossi in 2008 with a goal to create the easiest way to start a podcast.

Since then, it has grown to be one of the most popular podcast hosting services used by over 100,000 small businesses, podcasters and entrepreneurs around the globe.

Buzzsprout is popular because of the simplicity of the platform to get you started with your podcast journey.


Pros with Buzzsprout

Pros and Features with Buzzsprout

  • Website Builder: Buzzsprout offers a free website to integrate with your podcast.
  • Popular for beginners.
  • Offers a simple and basic platform for both beginners and advanced users.
  • Specializes in Audio hosting.
  • Allows unlimited team members on all plans.
  • Offers multiple customer service communication routes.
  • Offers integration with top podcast directories.
  • Offers money-back guarantee.


Con with Buzzsprout

  • Not enough Upload hours. If Buzzsprout can give better upload hours per month then they can be perfect or match a host like Podbean.
  • No Instant Support: Buzzsprout does not offer instant chat for her users yet although they have multiple communication options plus responsive email support (tested).
  • No Video Hosting: Buzzsprout does not offer video hosting along with the audio version.


Buzzsprout Hosting Pricing and Plans

Buzzsprout offers 3 paid hosting plans with the first starting at $12 for 3 hours of uploading per month, the second plan at $18 for 6 hours upload time per month, and the third plan at $24 for 12 hours upload time.

Best Free Podcast Hosting Services

For serious podcasters, I recommend the $24/mon plan because you will have 12/hour upload time, and also save more overhead costs (dollar) than any other plans on their pricing table.


2. Podbean Hosting Platform

Best Free Podcast Hosting Service

With an office address in New York NY 10022, Podbean has been providing innovative podcasting services as an industry leader for more than ten years.

Podbean has so many innovations under its belt. They provide high-performance podcasting service, live streaming enabled service, free website builder, and lots more.

Even so, the Podbean app is one of the most popular podcast apps for iOS and Android, and can also be used to play podcasts via Amazon Alexa.

It’s a great option for podcast audiences to enjoy their favorite podcasts anywhere, anytime. Podcasters can also record and publish right from the Podbean app.


Pros and Features with Podbean

Pros and Features with Podbean

  • Versatile usages – you can do more with Podbean. You can use it as a private podcasting tool with options for live streaming, religious organizations, remote recording, and more.
  • Multiple Subscription options – listeners may have to create Podbean accounts to subscribe although they can still add the RSS to the directories of their choice without an account.
  • Offers mobile applications for users – allows you to use its podcast player to stream content or download anywhere and anytime.
  • Video and Audio hosting – offers both video and audio hosting.
  • Advanced facilities – Podbean offers lots of advanced facilities to customize your podcast to standard.
  • Offers integration with top podcast directories.
  • Live chat support – advanced or Business plan creators get this option for free.
  • Free website builder – offers creators the option for a podcast site.


Cons with Podbean

  • Comments via the Podbean App – listeners can only post comments via the Podbean app.
  • Money-Back Guarantee – while you can try out Podbean for free, there is no Money Back Guarantee offered for now.


Podbean Hosting Plans & Pricing

Podbean offers 3 paid hosting plans. The first plan is the “Unlimited Audio & Unlimited Plus” (best for Audio Podcasting only) which starts at $9/month if billed annually. The second plan called Unlimited Plus which is best for video podcasts and podcast monetization starts at $29/month if billed annually.

And the 3rd plan called “Business – which is best for podcast networks and business podcasts starts at $99/mo when billed annually.

Podbean Hosting Plans & Pricing

For serious podcasters who want video podcasts and flexible monetization options, I recommend the Unlimited Plus at $29/mo which has more room for customization, integrations, and of course, the patron enrollment program where creators receive recurring income from audience support.


3. Blubrry Podcast Platform

Blubrry Podcast Platform

Todd Cochrane founded Blubrry in 2005. Blubrry, a subsidiary of RawVoice, is a privately owned and operated company that – unlike other podcasting companies – is based 100 percent in the United States.

Like Podbean, Blubrry offers almost and more inbuilt infrastructures for creators. Furthermore, if you are a diehard user & fan of WordPress self-hosted websites you will love Blubrry as well because your podcast publishing will be as simple as publishing content from your WordPress site.

Plus, you get 24/7 phone support, a nice website builder, exploration of over 750,000 podcasts, and lots more.


Pros with Blubrry

Pros with Blubrry

  • Suitable for WordPress and non-WordPress users. WordPress users can easily launch Podcast from their site.
  • Free content migration – podcasters get free podcast migration should they need this option.
  • Video and Audio hosting – offers both video and audio hosting.
  • Advanced facilities – offers advanced facilities for professional podcasters with facilities for multiple shows in one account, Ad Insertion for recurring income, Standard statistics, Automatic payments, and more.
  • Offers integration with top podcast directories.
  • Customer support – offers multiple instant customer support for creators.
  • Multiple usages – you can do more with Blubrry. You can use it as a private and internal podcasting tool, suitable for professional usages, and more.


Cons with Blubrry

  • Paid inbuilt Statistics tool – to get accurate podcast statistics you will have to use a third-party tool. Else, you will have to pay $5 for it.

Except this, Blubrry is unapologetically a great podcasting hosting site for both none and WordPress users.


Blubrry Hosting Prices and Plans

Blubrry offers 3 paid hosting plans. The first plan with 100MB of monthly storage starts at $12/mo. The second with a 250MB of Storage starts at $20/mo, and the 3rd plan “for professional users” offers Unlimited Monthly Storage and starts at $100/mo.

Blubrry Hosting Prices and Plans

For solo podcasters, the second plan which offers up to 250MB of storage is perfect for a start at $20/mo. With it, creators still get expandable storage options.

On the other way round, if you are a pro podcaster with options to host multiple shows in one account, Ad Insertion for recurring income, standard statistics, Automatic payments and more, then I recommend the Pro Hosting plan which starts at $100/mo.  

Blubrry Pro Hosting pricing plan

Having seen their individual capacities, let’s now check out how they compare to each other. Let’s start with Buzzsprout and Podbean.

Podbean vs Buzzsprout Summary 

Podbean vs Buzzsprout Summary

Podbean offers advanced options such as private podcasting, multiple monetization and mobile applications for users, video hosting, and live chat support while Buzzsprout also multiple monetization options but with a simpler beginner-friendly interface.


Podbean vs Buzzsprout Comparison

Let’s start with the interface.


1. Buzzsprout vs Podbean User Interface

Both platforms offer a simple user interface, however, Buzzsprout is more simplistic and channeled for beginners.


2. Podbean vs Buzzsprout customer support

While Podbean offers multiple customer support options such as Email tickets, Academy, Help Center, and Live chat support, Buzzsprout offers Email ticket, Help Center, and Facebook community support.


3. Podbean vs Buzzsprout WordPress integration

 While both Podbean and Buzzsprout give you room for WordPress content embedding, Buzzsprout on a brighter note gives you a notable plugin to customize your podcast site.


4. Buzzsprout vs Podbean Hosting options

While Podbean offers both video and audio hosting, Buzzsprout offers only audio hosting.


5. Buzzsprout vs Podbean Monetization

Both platforms offer flexible and external monetization options, however, Podbean offers a bit more with specific possibilities such as PodAds, patron for recurring income, Ads marketplace, and digital premium content.


6. Podbean vs Buzzsprout Advanced options

Podbean offers far and better-advanced facilities than Buzzsprout. On Podbean, you can host a private podcast, conduct Livestream sessions, segment content for different, remote recordings, and more. 


7. Mobile App

Podbean offers both Android and iOS mobile applications while Buzzsprout does not.


Blubrry Vs Podbean Summary 

Blubrry Vs Podbean Summary

While both Blubrry and Podbean offer advanced options with unique monetization and customer support options, Blubrry offers free podcast content migration and option for WordPress users.


Blubrry Vs Podbean Comparison

Let’s start with the user interface.


 1. Blubrry vs Podbean User Interface

Both platforms are simple for users, however, the Powerpress tool with Blubrry makes it a bit thicker.


2. Blubrry Vs Podbean customer support

Both Blubrry and Podbean offer multiple support channels, however, Blubrry does better by offering instant phone support for all plan users, unlike Podbean where only Business users get live chat support.


3. Blubrry Vs Podbean WordPress integration

Podbean specifically works for non-WordPress users (with an option to embedded content on WordPress site), while Blubrry works for both WordPress and non-WordPress users with a notable plugin for easy integration.


4. Blubrry Vs Podbean Hosting options

Both podcast platforms allow video and audio hosting, however, Podbean goes far to allow Live stream sessions without extra money spent on the third-party tools.  


5. Monetization options

Both of them offer flexible monetization possibilities plus the ability to use solo monetization options such as affiliate marketing, Patreon gateway, donations, digital products, and more.


6. Advanced options

Both Blubrry and Podbean offer advanced facilities, however, Podbean does more with live streaming and remote recording options without extra cost.

Kindly note that to use these advanced facilities you must be on their Business plan (Podbean) and Pro Hosting plan (Blubrry) at $99/mo and $100/mo respectively.  


7. Blubrry Vs Podbean Mobile App integration

Podbean offers both Android and iOS mobile applications while Blubrry does not.


Blubrry vs Buzzsprout Summary 

Blubrry vs Buzzsprout Comparison

While both Blubrry and Buzzsprout offer a plugin for WordPress integration and audio hosting, Blubrry offers other advanced podcasting options such as private hosting, video hosting, dynamic ad insertion, instant customer support, and free Podcast file migration. Nevertheless, Buzzsprout offers a better or flexible storage options.



1. Blubrry vs Buzzsprout User friendliness

Both platforms are intuitive for all users. Also, users using WordPress already should be happy with the 2 platforms.


2. Blubrry vs Buzzsprout customer support

Both Blubrry and Buzzsprout offer multiple support channels, however, Blubrry does better by offering instant phone support for all plan users unlike Buzzsprout with Help center, community support, and email ticket support.


3. Blubrry vs Buzzsprout WordPress integration

Both Blubrry and Buzzsprout offers options for WordPress users to host their podcast from their site. Nonetheless, the Blubrry plugin is a more powerful WP plugin called Powerpress with over 60,000 downloads, while Buzzsprout manages 6,000 downloads plus a lack of updates.


4. Hosting options

While Blubrry allows both video and audio hosting, Buzzsprout works best with audio hosting.


5. Monetization

Both Blubrry and Buzzsprout offer flexible monetization tactics plus external earning options such as affiliate marketing, Patreon gateway, donations, digital products, and more.


6. Advanced options

Blubrry offers the more advanced infrastructure to customize your podcast platform as compared to Buzzsprout. Also, on Blubrry, you get free content migration.


7. Mobile App

Both Buzzsprout and Blubrry do not offer mobile app applications.


Buzzsprout, Podbean, and Blubrry similarities

All of the podcast platforms come with a free public podcast website, free trial, suitable for all types of creators, integration with top directories, and different monetization options.


Final Decision on Blubrry vs Podbean vs Buzzsprout Comparisons

There are no doubts that each of these podcast powerhouses has its major and minor points, which translates to the fact that there is no perfect or all-including hosting platform based on users need.

Podbean, Blubrry, and Buzzsprout all offer free trials, however, Podbean and Blubrry offer advanced facilities with multiple and instant customer support for creators. 

Additionally, with customer support, Blubrry goes further to offer phone support plus free content migration.



Buzzsprout for beginners with an option for WP integration.

If you’re just starting out, and you need to control costs, then try out Buzzsprout with an excellent option for a small business or podcaster that is making steady growth.

💡 Try Buzzsprout


Blubrry an all-inclusive user platform for both solo creators and WordPress users

Blubrry offers amazing hosting facilities for advanced users with strategic monetization options.

If you are already using WordPress, you can make use of it. And even though you want to move your file to the platform, it is all free.

 Lastly, you get instant phone support on all paid plans.

 💡 Try Blubrry


Podbean all-inclusive users with versatile usage + instant live support.

Podbean is an all-user hosting platform with advanced and versatile monetization functions although they are not popular for WordPress users.

They stand out with options on Live streaming, universal remote recording, and live chat support for Business users.

💡 Try Podbean


Overall, Podbean shades it for growing & already pro podcasters, Blubrry, simple and great for both none and WordPress users. Lastly, Buzzsprout shades it for Beginners – best interface. 

That is all about the Podbean vs Buzzsprout Vs Blubrry review and comparison.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This means we may make a small commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

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