Top 9 Legit Ways To Earn Free Cryptos

If I’m guessing correctly, you are a crypto enthusiast looking for ways to get free cryptos.

Smiles 😊, you are definitely in the right place for this knowledge.

You see, it is possible to make a ton of money from free cryptos.

One example is the $1,200 worth of UNI tokens given away to early investors for free.

So, in today’s post, I will explain the 9 legit ways to earn free cryptos.

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9 Legit Ways To Earn Cryptos For Free

  1. Crypto Airdrops
  2. Learn and Earn Crypto
  3. CTMastery Telegram Group
  4. DApps
  5. Content Creation
  6. Brave Browser
  7. Gamefi
  8. Staking
  9. Binance Affiliate Program

1. Crypto Airdrops

Earn free cryptos airdrop

Crypto airdrops are scenarios where coins are deliberately distributed freely to individual wallet addresses.

Imagine opening your wallet to find a cryptocurrency that is worth tons of money and you didn’t buy it. That is amazing, isn’t it?

But no be juju be that? Why would anyone gift you coins for free in that manner unless he prints money?

Now, crypto airdrops can happen for two reasons:

(i) Hard Fork

A hard fork is a change in a blockchain protocol that results in the formation of a new blockchain.

Interestingly, a hard fork can result in the formation of a new coin if the old blockchain is still fully functioning.

The best part is that these new tokens can be claimed as airdrops by anyone who holds the old blockchain tokens in their wallets.

Example: When the BCH coin launched, it was claimed as an airdrop by BTC holders.

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(ii) Marketing and Reward

When a new crypto project launches, the team may decide to use an airdrop as a marketing strategy.

An airdrop can also be used by a project’s team to reward early investors.

Examples of this type of airdrop include:

  • In 2020, Uniswap airdropped 60% of UNI tokens to early users. Each user received 400 UNI tokens worth over $17,000 at UNI’s ATH in 2021.
  • The 100 TWT tokens that were airdropped to Binance users in 2021 were worth $165 at TWT ATH in September of that same year.
  • The largest holders of BAYC NFT received up to $10 million in the APE coin airdrop at the token’s ATH.
  • Recently (31/5/2022), Optimism airdropped 776.87 OP tokens worth over $3000 on the day of listing to its community.

Now, how do you get your hands on a legit crypto airdrop?

There is no particular answer, but you can start by making use of potential crypto projects that do not yet have tokens.

For example, there is news flying around that Metamask will launch a native token and it may be airdropped as well.

Additionally, you can visit CoinmarketCapairdrop and related sites for updates on new airdrops.

2. Learn and Earn Crypto

Learn and earn crypto

Yes! You can earn free cryptos by learning about crypto just as you are already doing now.

The only difference, however, is that you need to do a little task.

Permit me to explain how it works.

“Learn to Earn Crypto” is a program offered by crypto platforms, mainly exchanges.

Usually, they would partner with crypto projects with native tokens to create educational videos about them.

It could also be the exchange itself offering you incentives to learn about their products or just the cryptocurrency space in general, whichever one.

Each video has a specified number of tokens you can earn.

You must view the video and correctly answer the questions to earn these tokens.

You can earn roughly $60 in free crypto doing just this.

Platforms to practice “Learn and Earn Crypto” include:

Note that you must have an account with these platforms to participate in the program.

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3. CTMastery Telegram Group

Earn free cryptos on CTMastery

You can earn free cryptos by joining the CTMastery Telegram group.

CTMastery is an online educational platform that we have developed to help you trade crypto like a pro.

It offers courses that explain how cryptos work, how to trade profitably on different exchanges, technical analysis, and so on.

You may now be wondering where the free crypto comes in.

By joining our Telegram community, you can attend our Youtube webinars and earn free cryptos and other benefits from our project partners.

So far, over $5000 worth of cryptos has been distributed to members through our partners (from Dec. 2021 to June 2022).

You can join our Telegram community at

4. DeFi

DeFi are financial markets built on the blockchain network. Also, they run on decentralized applications called DApps.

They can take different forms, including DEXs, lending and borrowing protocols, yield farm aggregators, and so forth.

For a Defi dapp to facilitate trading, they require people to lock their funds or cryptos into them.

Such people are called liquidity providers. You can earn free cryptos by becoming a liquidity provider.

All you have to do is first go to your preferred DApp, check for high-yield pools, and take note of the cryptos involved.

Second, if you don’t already have the required cryptos, buy them and deposit them into the pool to earn free cryptos.

Uniswap, Aave, PancakeSwap, SushiSwap, MakerDAO, and are some DeFi apps to visit.

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5. Content Creation

This is another exciting way to earn free crypto.

As a content creator, you can earn free cryptos by publishing your work on blockchain-based social media platforms such as:

  • Reddit
  • Hive
  • Steemit
  • Theta
  • Flixxo
  • LEO Finance etc.

These platforms pay content developers in their native cryptocurrency.

On Hive, for instance, you can earn over $100 from your content.

This is unlike Facebook and Quora where you earn nothing for your hard work.

6. Brave Browser

You might have heard of the Brave browser and how you can earn the BAT token by making use of it.

Brave is a private web browser based on the Chromium engine.

Think of it as the Chrome, UC, or Firefox browser that you are familiar with, except that it is Web3.

Brave is not built on the blockchain. 

But it uses a blockchain-based currency, Basic Attention Token (BAT), to incentivize users.

You can earn cryptocurrency in three ways by using the Brave browser.

  • View ads: You earn BATs by opting to view ads. When you download the Brave browser, select this icon “ “, click on “Reward Settings” and turn on “Ads.”
  • Referrals: You can also earn BAT when people download and use the Brave through your referral link.
  • Tips: If you’re a content creator who uses the Brave browser, your fans can tip you in BAT tokens if they like your work.

7. GameFi

GameFi is a generic name for all blockchain games that have financial rewards.

It enables users to play games and make money.

You have probably been playing games like Pokemon Go, PS5, Minecraft, etc.

But these games do not pay you money. Heck🤷! Although they are exciting anyway😉.

In contrast, GameFi operates a “play-to-earn” model.  Also, it integrates cryptos, NFTs, Web3 and DeFi.

Players are rewarded for performing in-game tasks, selling or lending their in-game assets, and so on.

Funny enough, you can also earn free cryptos in GameFi simply by walking and moving your body.

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8. Staking

You probably know how your savings account in the bank works, right?

If you deposit money into a savings account and don’t touch it for a while, you can withdraw it with interest on top.

This is how staking works as well, only that it is technically different from your savings account.

There are two forms of staking in crypto.

With this type of staking, your coins are locked in a proof-of-stake blockchain and used for transaction validation.

To participate in this staking type, you need to own a POS coin like ALGO, ATOM, etc.

Some crypto platforms allow you to stake by locking up coins for the purpose of lending, yield farming, liquidity provision, etc.

These platforms include Binance, Aave, Kucoin, etc.

Generally, you earn free cryptos when you participate in staking.

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9. Binance Affiliate Program

Binance offers a huge rewarding affiliate program that can earn you free cryptocurrencies.

In case you are confused about the word affiliate, it is a marketing strategy where companies pay you to bring new users to them.

Now, Binance offers two affiliate programs:

  • Binance Affiliate Program

By signing up for this program, you share your referral link with people.

Users that sign up for a Binance account using your link will be recognized as successful referrals.

And you will earn free cryptos in commission on every trade your referrals make across all Binance services.

You can earn up to 50% in lifetime commissions on every qualified trade from this program. 

  • Binance Affiliate Content Program

With the Binance Affiliate Content Program, content creators can earn up to $1,800 BUSD each month in addition to other perks.

This is how it works:

The first thing to note is that it is a contest.

Every month, Binance announces topics for content creators to work on.

Affiliates must choose a topic, write original content on it, and submit it to Binance by the end of the month.

Rewards are distributed to winners on the 15th of next month.

To become a Binance affiliate, you must have an account, Feel free to sign up with this👉 link.

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1. Can I make tons of money from free cryptos?

Yes and no! Allow me to explain.
“Learn and earn crypto,” Brave browser and some other listed ways will not make you tons of money, but will earn you some bucks and value for your effort.
On the other hand, crypto airdrops can earn you a fortune but it will depend on the team’s strategy for distributing their coins and the value of the coin in the market.
Staking will depend on the staking rewards and the volatility of the asset in the market.
For the Binance Affiliate Program, it will depend on the hard work you put in and so on.

2. What are the risks involved in earning crypto freely?

While it is easy to get excited when you hear free crypto, you also need to do your own research before participating in any free crypto earnings.
This is because there are a lot of scams and Ponzi schemes in the guise of free crypto earnings.
Also, some stakings have a lockup time. This means that, if the price of those assets rises quickly, you may miss out on selling them for an instant profit.


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